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Disk harrow of Pottinger, Terradisc – 6 m. (Second-hand) buy in Dnipro

Disk harrow of Pottinger, Terradisc – 6 m. (Second-hand)

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Korotkobazovy disk harrows of TERRADISC of the PÖTTINGER company were developed for processing of an eddish and the general preseeding preparation of the soil. The compact design and an aggressive arrangement of disks provide reliable maintaining and careful hashing of the crop residue remains. A wide choice of the arriving skating rinks for different types of soils which provide ideal result and necessary level of crushing. All range of the arriving skating rinks differs in the accuracy of execution and durability of a design.


The angle of attack defines, on how many degrees in relation to the direction of the movement of the car the disk has to be established. The more the corner, the is more area of capture of a surface of the field, and that fully processing. At the price of it there are an increase in loss of power, fuel consumption, bystry wear, side effort and risk of clogging by the crop residue remains. If an angle of attack sharper, then disks of a harrow enter soil easier. However at the same time it is important to achieve a full covering of working width.

The corner of an arrangement of disks in relation to the surface of the field is of great importance: it gives to a disk the chance to take, cut and overturn a considerable part of soil, like a plow. However if the disk is established too obliquely to the surface of the field, then on firm soils the disk harrow will be heavy to be driven into soil, it will "be braided" on disks, as on skis, worsening at the same time quality of crushing of the crop residue remains. 

The skating rink rezhushche-arriving

The arriving rings closed on each side have diameter of 550 mm. Eight rings fall on one working meter. The skating rink leaves strip consolidation that provides Improvement of absorption of moisture and air permeability of the soil. An ideal skating rink for stony and damp soils with a large number of organic weight. Are revetted by Chistiki.


Working width – 6 m

Number of disks – 48 pieces.

Diameter of disks – 58 cm

Step of a trace of paws – 12,5 m

Distance between beams – 90 cm

The required power with a hinge plate – 300 p/a.

Transport width – 2,8 m

Weight in a basic complete set – 4740 kg


The weight of Tandem CONOROLL of 560 mm of ø – 1370 kg

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