Buy Digital mobile radio stations of the DM4000 series
Digital mobile radio stations of the DM4000 series

Digital mobile radio stations of the DM4000 series

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandMotorola
  • Country of manufactureMalaysia
  • Wave Band136-174 / 403-470 AM

Radio stations provide unsurpassed quality of sound transmission and data, support sending text messages and are supplied with the built-in Bluetooth modules * and Gps*.Krome of that, in them are realized the intellectual system of work, best in this class, with a sound and flexible system of the voice notification.
* only DM4401/4601 models

Functions and advantages

The best audioparameters in this category of devices

The loud loudspeaker on the forward panel and function of intellectual work with a sound automatically regulates the loudness of radio station depending on noise level.
Flexible configuration and usability
It is available in the frequency ranges of OVCh and UVCh, supports 99 channels, it is supplied with big, easily available regulator of loudness and four programmable buttons with an opportunity to use one as the button of the emergency call.
The integrated GPS system
Determination of location of mobile working teams by means of the integrated GPS module (only the DM4401/DM4601 model)
Data transmission on Bluetooth
Exchange of information in real time by connection of radio stations to devices with support of data transmission on Bluetooth (only the DM4401 model)
Broad set of effective appendices
Is an element the largest in branch of the program of support of application developers and supports a wide range of customized applications for definition of location, management of tasks, data transmission by means of Bluetooth, work with mail, telephony and use of functions of the emergency call.
Transfer of text messages
Sending messages for members of team, in cases when the voice communication can prevent employees or guests.
The built-in function of sound transmission on Bluetooth
Provides connection to wireless accessories, including a wireless font of continuous action of Motorola intended for providing a reliable communication in adverse conditions (only the DM4401 model).
Capacity Plus
System of an odnosaytovy digital trunking which increases MOTOTRBO system power. Provides transfer of large volume of a voice and data for more chemtysyacha of users on one website without the need for additional frequencies
IP Site Connect
The digital decision which by means of the Internet expands possibilities of the MOTOTRBO system on voice transfer and data. It is possible to unite up to 15 geographically distributed websites with its help, to create a wide cover zone or to provide a cover zone on the platform with physical barriers.
Button of the emergency call
The orange P4 button can be in addition programmed for sending a signal to the head or dispatcher during emergency situations
Transfer interruption
Allows the user to interrupt in case of need other radio-conversation for transfer of important messages.
The basic or increased protection of negotiations
The built-in (programmable) skremblirovaniye for increase in level of confidentiality.

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Digital mobile radio stations of the DM4000 series
Digital mobile radio stations of the DM4000 series
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