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Dibutyl phthalate

Dibutyl phthalate

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Dibutilftalat (DBF) of the Republic of South Africa in barrels on 220 kg po74,60 UAH for kg on 5 kg of 88 UAH on 1 kg of 97 UAH

Dibutilftalat C6H4(COOC4H9)2 — dibutyl air of phthalic acid.

Colourless oily liquid, tkip 340 °C (with decomposition) (206 °C at 10 mm of mercury.), we will well dissolve in organic solvents (ethanol, benzene, acetone), it is slightly soluble in water (~ 0,1% at 20 °C). Malotoksichen. CAS number 84-74-2

It is applied as Softener (State standard specification 8728-88) of compositions on the basis of polyvinylchloride, rubbers, epoxies, some an efirovtsellyuloza and as the high-boiling solvent.

Dibutilftalat is applied also as a repellent (the P03BX03 code in the ATC WHO system (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System))

Dibutilftalat - the poison causing toxic hepatitis

The general
Chemical formula C16H22O4
Physical properties
Molar weight 278,35 g/mol
Density 1,05 g/cm ³
Thermal properties
T. plav. - 35 °C
T. kip. 340 °C
Reg. number CAS 84-74-2
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Dibutyl phthalate
Dibutyl phthalate
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