Order Diagnostics and repair of engines of vehicles VOLVO
Diagnostics and repair of engines of vehicles VOLVO

Diagnostics and repair of engines of vehicles VOLVO

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Repair VOLVO engines.

Repair of the diesel engine is a combination of the following steps:

1. Diagnosis of Diesel Engine
Before starting repairs need to find out what the technical parameters below the maximum permissible level. The main parameters are the compression in the cylinders and the engine oil pressure. After verification, you can make a conclusion about the rundown of the engine unit and about the cost of repairs. Diagnosis of the diesel engine in our service lasts 2-5 hours, depending on the engine modifications, and of volume of work.


  1. Removing the diesel engine
    The engine is removed with minimal disassembly. This allows you to save valuable time since disassembling much more comfortable on the bench. With the engine merge all technical liquid (engine oil, power steering oil and coolant). In some cases, the motor must be removed with a gearbox. On some vehicles, depending on the structural features of the motor is removed through the bottom after removing the beams.
  2. Dismantling of the diesel engine
    After the engine is mounted on a stand and cleaned of sand and dirt can proceed to disassembly. Removed all attachments and fuel system. Cleared cylinder head, an oil sump, pistons, crankshaft. The cylinder head is disassembled completely. Fuel injection equipment only partially disassembled.
  3. Washing of parts of the diesel engine
    All removed parts to wash specialized liquids in hand. Troubleshooting for the quality of the diesel engine must be qualitatively clear all items from oil, soot and nagara.My do not use when cleaning metal schotki and scrapers - since they can damage the unworn parts that do not need to change.
  4. Troubleshooting a diesel engine
    Toatelno washed items subject to thorough research with high-precision measuring devices. Gaugeable all sizes to tolerances and wear. Visually inspected for the presence of micro cracks, scuffing, abrasions and scratches. Rotating parts are checked for alignment of the beating. After an exploded study of diesel engine makes the list of required for the repair of spare parts and a decision about the necessity of machining.
  5. Machining of diesel engine
    The first pressurizing the cylinder head for hidden microcracks. Once milled plane priliganiya cylinder head on the cylinder block. Changing valve guides. Rules chamfer fit valves. Next, a cylinder block bore pistons oversize. If the unit does not allow to wear the bore under repair size - zapresovyvayutsya new sleeve in the cylinder block and so the same chiseled, only to have a standard size. Required hone surface of the cylinder - (inflict scratches crosswise). It is necessary to on cylinder walls delayed Oily film - protecting thereby the cylinder-piston group from premature wear.
  6. The assembly of the diesel engine
    After machining parts tchatelno purged, removed the remains of chips and process fluids. New spare parts before installing oiled. Be sure to set the new seals and gaskets. According to the manufacturer's instructions for the whole plant fastener clamped in prescription order with the required torque force.
  7. Installation of the diesel engine
    Ustanalvivaem engine in the reverse order of removal.
  8. Adjusting diesel diesel engine
    After assembly and installation of the motor requires adjustment ulga of injection, idle speed RPM and warm.
  9. Running a diesel engine
    Most importantly, after the repair of the diesel engine after his break in properly. Matter how you break in the motor will depend on his life. In the first 2000 km. do not give a greater load. Do not try to check on how much uvelichelis capacity and maximum vehicle speed. Be sure to warm up the engine after a cold start! Gentle running-mode drive is considered at a maximum speed of 80 km.ch. and at speeds less than 2500 m. After 2000 kilometers. be sure to change the oil and filter.

Repair of engines KAMAZ Euro 1i2, Maz, Zil, Gaz.Tseny low, but the quality is guaranteed.

SERVICES stations

Experienced qualified personnel, high-tech equipment, a wide range of spare parts.

A list of works carried out:

  • diagnosis, repair and replacement of engines;
  • repair and adjustment of fuel equipment;
  • repair and replacement of the clutch and gearshift;
  • repair and replacement of booths;
  • repair and replacement of electrical equipment and wiring;
  • Repair air system and brakes;
  • warranty registration, maintenance, warranty repair;
  • reconditioning;
  • Brake drums and groove pad EURO-1 and EURO-2;
  • turning works;
  • car washing;
  • tire and wheel balancing.

The list of services on the installation of additional equipment:

  • Extra high-capacity tanks;
  • installation of autonomous heaters;
  • installation of fuel tanks, heaters, filters and highways;

Contact tel.

tel.067-948-01-70, 095-4777887, 044-500-77-87

fax - 044-500-52-39


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Diagnostics and repair of engines of vehicles VOLVO
Diagnostics and repair of engines of vehicles VOLVO
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