Order Diagnostics and capital repairs of engines of the RENAULT cars
Diagnostics and capital repairs of engines of the RENAULT cars

Diagnostics and capital repairs of engines of the RENAULT cars

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Repair of RENAULT engines.

Repair of the diesel engine represents set of the following stages:
1. Diagnostics of the diesel engine
Before repair it is necessary to find out what technical parameters below maximum permissible level. Key parameters are a compression in cylinders and pressure of engine oil. After check it is possible to draw a conclusion about worn-out knot of the engine and approximate cost of repair. Diagnostics of the diesel engine in our service lasts 2-5 hours, depending on modification of the engine and amount of works.

  1. Removal of the diesel engine
    The engine is removed with the minimum dismantling. It allows to keep precious time as it is much more convenient to make dismantling at the stand. From the engine all technical liquids (engine oil, oil of the power steering and cooling liquid) merge. In certain cases the engine should be removed together to a gear shifting box. On some cars depending on design features, the engine is removed through a bottom after removal of a beam.
  2. Dismantling of the diesel engine
    After the engine is installed on the stand and cleared of sand and dirt it is possible to start dismantling. All hinged equipment and fuel system is removed. The head of the block of cylinders, the oil pallet, pistons, the crankshaft is removed. The head of the block of cylinders understands completely. The fuel equipment understands only partially.
  3. Sink of details of the diesel engine
    All dismantled details are washed up by specialized liquid in manual. For high-quality troubleshooting of the diesel engine it is necessary to clear all details of oil, soot and a deposit qualitatively. We do not use at a sink metal schyotka and scrapers - as them it is possible to damage neiznosheny details which do not need to be changed.
  4. Troubleshooting of the diesel engine
    Toatelno the washed-up details is subject to a thorough research with use of high-precision measuring devices. All sizes on admissions and degree of wear are measured. Visually look round on existence of microcracks, zadir, attritions and scratches. The rotating details are checked for a beating coaxiality. After the podetalny research of the diesel engine the list of spare parts, necessary for repair, is formed and the decision on need of machining is made.
  5. Machining of the diesel engine
    First of all we pressure up a head of the block of cylinders on existence of the hidden microcracks. Later the plane of a priliganiye of a head of the block of cylinders to the block of cylinders is milled. The directing plugs of valves change. Facets of a prileganiye of valves are ruled. Further the block of cylinders under pistons of the repair size is chiseled. If wear of the block does not allow to make boring under the repair size - in the block of cylinders new sleeves are pressed and are also chiseled, only already under the standard size. Surely honinguy the surface of cylinders - (we apply scratches a cross on a cross). It is necessary in order that the oil film lingered on walls of cylinders - protecting thereby tsilindro-piston group from premature wear.
  6. Assembly of the diesel engine
    After mechanoprocessing of a detail the remains of shaving and technological liquids are tchatelno blown, removed. New spare parts before installation are oiled. Surely new consolidations and epiploons are established. According to the instruction of the plant of the producer all fixture is clamped in a prehand-written order with the necessary moment of effort of an inhaling.
  7. Installation of the diesel engine
    The engine as it should be the return to removal Ustanalvivatsya.
  8. Adjustment of the diesel diesel engine
    After assembly and installation the engine demands adjustment of an ulg of an advancing of injection, turns of idling and turns of warming up.
  9. Running in of the diesel engine
    The most important after repair of the diesel engine is correct to roll it later. From that as you will roll the motor its service life will depend. In the first 2000 km. you should not give big loading. Do not try to check on how many the power and the maximum speed of the car increased. Surely warm up the motor after cold start-up! Driving is considered the sparing mode of a running in at a speed no more than 80 km.ch. and at turns no more than 2500 in min. After the run of 2000 km. surely replace oil and the filter.

Repair of engines Euro KamAZ 1i2, Maz, Zyl, Gas. Low prices, but quality we guarantee.


Skilled qualified personnel, high-tech equipment, wide choice of spare parts.

The list of the carried-out works:

  • diagnostics, repair and replacement of engines;
  • repair and adjustment of the fuel equipment;
  • repair and replacement of the check point and coupling;
  • repair and replacement of cabins;
  • repair and replacement of electric equipment and conducting;
  • repair of air system and brake mechanisms;
  • guarantee account, maintenance, warranty repair;
  • recovery repair;
  • pro-point of brake drums and blocks of EBPO-1 and EBPO-2;
  • turning works;
  • car wash;
  • mounting and balancing of wheels.

List of services in installation of the additional equipment:

  • installation of additional tanks of the increased capacity;
  • installation of autonomous heaters;
  • installation of heaters of the fuel tanks, filters, highways;

To address on bodies.

ph. 067-948-01-70, 095-4777887, 044-500-77-87
the fax - 044-500-52-39

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Diagnostics and capital repairs of engines of the RENAULT cars
Diagnostics and capital repairs of engines of the RENAULT cars
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