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Dezkovriki (disinfection rugs)

Dezkovriki (disinfection rugs)

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Our enterprise makes "A disinfection rug" is applied as a dezbaryer and can be used in many places where the special attention is paid to a sanitary state: on poultry-farming and livestock complexes (meat-processing plants, sausage shops), formula-feed plants, incubator stations, laboratories, diagnostic the research centers, zoos, the enterprises of the food industry, quarantine sites, customs posts, at the airports, railway stations, in medical, school and preschool institutions and other.

The disinfection rug is placed either on a threshold, or before a door, a so-called "pure zone". Having stepped on a rug disinfectant, impregnates a footwear sole, and its surpluses are absorbed back in a rug.

The disinfection rug consists of three layers:

The top layer — provides good wetting of a sole of footwear with disinfectant.

The center — absorbs from 2 to 40 l of disinfection solution (depending on the size of a dezkovrik). Disinfectant solution, is evenly distributed in a mat and has only insignificant contact with air that prevents oxidizing destruction of components of disinfecting solution, does not give the chance to solution intensively to evaporate in air.

The lower layer — is made of wearproof waterproof fabric which does not allow a dezrastvor to proceed on a floor and to pollute the room.

The disinfection rug can be moved freely and to other places.

In case of objective need of replacement of a preparation for disinfection, it is the best of all to wash out carefully a disinfection rug water, to dry up and reuse.

It must be kept in mind that it is preferable to use the same disinfection preparation all the time. It is not necessary to add to a rug disinfectants of various structures at the same time at all. One and all disinfectants represent chemically aggressive connections and therefore, can react easily among themselves therefore other chemical compounds which are not possessing disinfection properties are formed. Theoretically, in this case, also formation of toxic collateral substances is not excluded.

Sizes: Also Width x Height (mm) is long

1200 x 700 x 30 mm

1000 x 500 x 30 mm

900 x 600 x 30 mm

800 x 600 x 30 mm

900 x 500 x 30 mm

700 x 600 x 30 mm

500 x 500 x 30 mm

Autobarrier (korik for the motor transport) 1000 mm x 2000 mm x 60 mm


Autobarriers - disinfection barriers to vehicles, processing of car tires. Autobarriers represent a three-layer design in which center there is a dense absorbing mat closed from below and on each side by strong waterproof wearproof fabric.

- Thickness of an autobarrier is 9 cm,

- The volume of the contained dezrastvor of 36 l. on 1 m ² the areas of a carpet.


(Dezkovriki can be made any sizes under the order and with individual logos.)

To coordinate the term of production and the sizes in addition.

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Dezkovriki (disinfection rugs)
Dezkovriki (disinfection rugs)
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