Buy Devices of the central PC83-C alarm system
Devices of the central PC83-C alarm system

Devices of the central PC83-C alarm system

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Devices of the central PC83-C alarm system

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Microprocessor PC83-C devices are intended for use in schemes of the alarm system and telemechanics of electric substations and distribution points of 6-220 kV, including for performance of function of the TsS device in schemes with direct or alternating operational current.

The device is intended for installation on the new and reconstructed substations of distributive networks and the industrial enterprises, and also for replacement of schemes of the alarm system on the basis of the relay RICE or RTD.

ZhK the indicator on 16 categories and buttons of management with indicators on the forward panel serve for control of input parameters, parameters of operation of the device and change of settings.

The device is supplied with RS-485 interfaces (MODBUS RTU protocol) for data transmission and USB for control and change of settings and settings.

The PC83-C device can be powered from a source of both constant, and alternating operational current. The power supply unit compensates short-term (to 500 ms) supply voltage failures.

As a part of the device the registrar with the magazine of accidents and a log is provided.

Functions of the device:

control of an increment of current on two independent channels;

reception of information on twelve discrete channels with a possibility of the choice of influence on each channel for the weekend the relay and the LED alarm system;

reception of signals of management with action on the alarm system ("SHUTDOWN of the SOUND" and "DUMPING of the ALARM SYSTEM") on two independent channels;

storing of parameters of operation of protection and automatic equipment in the magazine of accidents for 100 events;

LED indication of serviceability of the device and condition of discrete entrances;

self-diagnostics of the device;

formation of shank of the blinking light (relay pulsator).

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Devices of the central PC83-C alarm system
Devices of the central PC83-C alarm system
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