Buy Devices for automatic control of RPN of PC83-B4 transformers
Devices for automatic control of RPN of PC83-B4 transformers

Devices for automatic control of RPN of PC83-B4 transformers

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Devices for automatic control of RPN of PC83-B4 transformers
The device (relay) PC83-B4 is intended for automatic control of RPN (ARN) electric drives both two - and trekhobmotochny transformers under loading: control of level of tension and its maintenance in the commands of control of the actuation mechanism (RPN drive) given by installations limits by formation and control of its work; realization of logic of necessary blocking and functions of protection.

Allows both in automatic, and in the manual mode, and also remotely, to operate the drive of the regulator under loading (RUL) of the high-voltage transformer. Has a full set of necessary functions, logic and services of RPN automatic equipment. Significantly facilitates work of personnel of substation, allows to avoid emergencies, in due time blocking emergency operating modes of RPN and giving signals of malfunctions on the top level of management

Main functions: • control of value of entrance tension on two channels (U1, U2) in the range set by installation (80-120B with a step 0,1 B), comparison with range borders (0,5-10 B with a step 0,1 B) and formation of the add teams if tension on an entrance is less than set and "to lower" if it is more. The hysteresis at control of tension makes 1,01 and 0,99 respectively.
• control of value of entrance current on two channels (I1, I2) for correction of the operating tension on value of controlled current. At entrance current 5 A maximum value of the correcting tension from current is accepted equal 20 V taking into account coefficient of influence (correction) which value is set from the menu in the range of 0-1,0 with a step 0,01.
• control of position of the drive with blocking of the device:
- on a signal of discrete entrances, including from temperature sensor;
- at excess of a preset value of controlled current;
- at an exit of controlled tension out of admissible limits;
- on formation of a signal "the drive did not go";
- on formation of a signal "jamming";
- on formation of a signal "the continuous course",
• formation of teams of management of RPN; formation of the "add" and "lower" teams for the weekend is made by the KL1, KL2 relay through set by installation (1-250 with, with a step 1 c) time.
• storing of parameters of operation of protection and automatic equipment in the magazine of accidents for 100 events (with fixing of a type of protection, value of current and reaction time);
• storing of parameters of change of a configuration in a log for 200 events;
• LED indication of operating modes and serviceability of the device,
• transfer on the RS-485 interface of information:
- provision of discrete entrances and output relays;
- condition of light-emitting diodes of indication;
- value of the measured currents and tension;
- control of output relays and return of the alarm system on light-emitting diodes.
• self-diagnostics of the device;

Regulation of the RPN drive is carried out on channel 1 (U1, I1) or on channel 2 (U2, I2) or on channel 1 with control on channel 2 or on channel 2 with control on channel 1, with current compensation or without current compensation - depending on the chosen configuration.

The device of automatic control of RPN of a trasformator is equipped with the RS-485 interface, can be integrated into the PCS, and also data read-out and telecontrol are possible.

The control unit of RPN is compact, differs in low energy consumption, the convenient interface.

Technical parameters of the device of automatic control of RPN of the PC83-B4 transformer:

The Limits of Control / rated entrance voltage, In 80 … 125/100
The Limits of Control of entrance currents, And 0,05 … 12
Range of settings on time, with (0,1 ÷ 25,0), step 0,1
Dimensions, ShhVhG, mm 160х105х160
Weight (no more), kg 1,5

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Devices for automatic control of RPN of PC83-B4 transformers
Devices for automatic control of RPN of PC83-B4 transformers
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