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Device sorption AC-B-02

Device sorption AC-B-02

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandООО "Феникс-АМП"-генеральный дистрибьютер производителя.
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

Device sorption AC - B - 02

(The certificate on the state registration No. 10780/2011 of 09. 09. 2011) it is intended for clarification of blood at treatment of heavy exogenous and endogenous intoxications, sharp poisonings, burn intoxication, sepsis, krash - syndrome, the radiation and combined defeats, a renal and liver failure, and also some immunodependent, skin and psychoneurological diseases with application of purchased columns, plasma filters, dialyzers, arterial and venous highways.

AC - B - 02 provides a possibility of carrying out procedures of haemo sorption, a plasma exchange, and in the presence of two units of the device - procedures of a plazmosorbtion and haemo ultrafiltration. The device is intended for application in medical and research establishments.

Scope: intensive therapy, surgery, therapy.

Basic feature of the sorption device AC - B - 02 is:

- functional universality, i. e. a possibility of its application complete with expendables of various producers and krovoprovodyashchy highways of two diameters (8 mm or 6 mm);

- mobility of the device, i. e. a possibility of work in an ambulance car (existence of the alternative power supply ― the accumulator of a direct current 24B), transport of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, departure in other clinics;

- highly effective security system;

- a possibility of operation of the device from two alternative power supplies: 220B of 50 Hz of alternating current and 24B of a direct current.

- the software, the minimum quantity of governing bodies, existence of informative display of key parameters, compliance to all medico - technical characteristics, economical use of the electric power, fast reduction in a working condition.

The device has two independent channels of measurement of pressure on an entrance and an exit of a column, the indicator of presence of air in the highway, and also the informative liquid crystal four - lower case monochrome display for ensuring control of all parameters of work and control of the device.

The software allows to set:

- value of diameter of a pump segment of the applied highway (8 mm or 6 mm);

- necessary speed of perfusion (from 10ml/mines to 200ml/mines) with discretization 5ml/mines;

- value of full volume of perfusion (to 10000 ml) with discretization of 5 ml;

- extreme value of a difference of indications of sensors of pressure;

- extreme value of pressure on each of two sensors.

Advantage of AC - B - 02 is:

- a possibility of storage of 20 user profiles (programs) in non - volatile memory of the device with all listed parameters;

- self - testing of the device and automatic calibration of channels of measurement of pressure;

- an opportunity in the course of implementation of the set program to quickly change pump productivity in all range from 10ml/mines to 200ml/mines;

- existence of the alarm system and emergency interruption of implementation of the program in a case:

a) emergence of air in the highway;

b) excess of critical value of a difference of indications of sensors of pressure;

c) achievements of critical value of pressure;

d) opening of a cover of the pump;

e) decrease to critical value of supply voltage; (during the work from the power supply 24B of a direct current);

e) malfunction or wrong functioning of the pump.
― at sudden power off of the device in the course of implementation of the program (interruption in a food network) and the subsequent inclusion, the program will continue the work from that position on which it was interrupted with preservation of all working parameters.

At the request of the customer are a part of the device: the power supply unit 24B, holders of "Bottle", "Dew", "F7" which provide reliable fastening of expendables on a bar of a technological frame.

Main technical characteristics:

- perfusion speed from 10ml/mines to 200ml/mines;

- range of measurement and indication of pressure in perfuzionny system from 0, 00266 to 40 kPa (from minus 200 to 300 mm hg);

- the type of protection of the device against defeat of the operator or the patient electric current corresponds to a class I;

- degree of protection against defeat by electric current — BF;

- degree of protection of the device against IP44 water penetration;

- maximum installation time of an operating mode no more than 15 min. ;

- maximum time of preparation of the device for transportation no more than 20 min. ;

- dimensions no more:

in the transport provision 300 of mm x 350 mm x 160 mm;

in the developed provision 300 of mm x 300 mm x 360 mm

- weight is no more than 10 kg.

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Device sorption AC-B-02
Device sorption AC-B-02
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