Buy Device of cryolipolysis Cryolipolysis Rf US08
Device of cryolipolysis Cryolipolysis Rf US08

Device of cryolipolysis Cryolipolysis Rf US08

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Detailed description of product

Colorful equipment Cryolipolysis of photon, car of vacuum Rf of cavitation

Mainly characteristics for the cryolipolysis US08 car:

1. US08 combines Cryolipolysis+RF+Photon+Vacuum jointly.

2. 2 handles working in too time.

3. 4 hanles of the sizes for option.

4. 7 flowers of photon for option.

Working as the theory of the cryolipolysis car:

"Cryolipolysis" therapy with the special designed cryo-head, it vacuum processing zone, has automatically chosen bluge cellulitis which is soaked up to cellulitis by to put the cold temperature, change triglycerides to solid body. And triglycerides of solid body will interfere with ripening and the dead of cellulitis earlier.

In too time, on and the cryolipolysis size have RF electrode, this device otnosyashche delivers bio thermal energy by to transform high-frequency energy, take functions of cage, increase blood circulation, worsen fat, normalize balance incretion by to direct expansion of blood vessels and povyshayushch fabric temperature, increase revival of collagen by to stimulate, recovering elasticity of skin. In too time, electrode of RF can interfere with fully let out cellulitis triglycerides. In lipase, triglycerides bequeath to prick in fatty acid and glycerin.

In lower, kotor of role also RF double, large number of corpulent cages the broken descent have stood gently at vydelyanny metabolism vydelyanny liver and lymphatic system to exclude and, thus gradually reduce corpulent layer this noninvasive processing to achieve the local goals of loss of weight.

The bottom of cryo-head has to establish red, green, the blue photon combined in 7 types of photon increases microcirculation of skin, strengthens metabolism to recover influences of skin.

The theory of biological photon working:

Biological photon behind preliminary laser equipment in meditsinsk-IMPA uls

compound light. uls compound turns on the light of IMPA variety of different wavelength

spectral, in the area if different deeply lead skin to change of temperature, then

Vibration of photosynthesis and particle to destroy Aser's purpose adverse, adds active

enzymes, amino acids, proteins, substances synbiotech of nucleic acids, work

frequency of cage of health of skin, increases microcirculation of skin, atrengthen metabolism to recover skin



Biological influences: the activated cage, the increased survival of cage, accelerates the course of microblood circulation lymphatic.

Therapeutic influence: skin tightening and rising, improves complexion, moisturizes skin, convergence time.

The corresponding processings for: all skin excludes sensitive skin.


Biological influences: Increase oxygen of skin, stability influence.

Therapeutic influence: Adjust glands of skin act, reguliruyushch secreting of oils and fat, improve eel.

Corresponding processings: Oily, combination skin.


Biological influences: Emotional balance, the centralized energy.

Therapeutic influence: Increase synthesis of collagen and elastin, recovers the damaged cages.

Corresponding processings: All types of skin.

Frozen corpulent dissolving processings and efficiency

1. Time of processing, 60 minutes for each processing;

2. Each client usually does 4 points on paunch, left and straightens twice;

3. The course of 45 days, 20 days, course point is no more than twice; The Frozen temperature of loss of weight

to establish 3-5 degrees;

4. Frozen lose weight, cold temperature are established by the 5th degrees between durability of the ascending flow of warm RF air

10-14, heat resolutely according to different clients, stop plus temperature when corresponding and

stops hot and cold system

5. Efficiency of processing, month before influence will be considerable, and also feel more and more thinly.




Working as head

Standard: 2 heads, working jointly or separatly.

4 heads for option (the different sizes).

Color of photon

7 flowers for option:

3 single colors and 4 the mixed colors



Main display: Personal computer/1 of the LCD display of 10,4 inches

Handpiece display: display 2 PCS LCD 3,5 of inches

Intensity of RF


Cryo temperature

- 15 °C of °C ~ 5

Intensity of vacuum

1-10 adjustable

Installation of time

1-200 minutes

Cooling system



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Device of cryolipolysis Cryolipolysis Rf US08
Device of cryolipolysis Cryolipolysis Rf US08
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