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The device of a balcony means external and internal finishing of a balcony for the purpose of transformation it to the full-fledged room or at least to the environmentproofed room like verandah. If the device of a balcony is carried out from scratch, it is necessary to perform the following works:

- the roof device on a balcony (if the roof of a balcony is absent)

- balcony glazing

- waterproofing and sealing of a balcony

Further, at the request of the customer, external and internal finishing of a balcony is carried out. There works on a waterproofing, the floor device on a balcony and to warming of a balcony enter.

In order that the design of a balcony was reliably protected from the destroying influence of external environment, sealing and a waterproofing of a balcony should pay special attention. Works on a waterproofing and sealing are especially important at the device of a roof peak and in the presence from above false balcony which carries out a roof role. In such cases the roof of a balcony is a potential source of leakages. A basis of a roof peak is the steel or aluminum framework which fastens to a house wall by means of anchors or front expansion bolt shields. As a rule, the peak is made of sheet roofing materials – the galvanized professional sheet, euroslate, ondulin. On a framework the obreshyotka on whom roofing sheets keep within fastens. Roofing material is fixed by self-tapping screws. Sidewalls of a metal framework of a roof are closed by the same roofing material. At production of such design sites, necessary to sealing, are: places of an adjunction of a roof of a balcony to a wall of the house, place of fastening of self-tapping screws and joints of roofing material. From within a crack and joints zapenivatsya by polyurethane foam, but it is not enough one foam for sealing of a roof of a balcony. Foam collapses under the influence of UV rays and is unstable to deformations. Elastic weatherproof sealants are applied to protection of foam against an ultraviolet and strong sealing of butt sites. Emfimastika PU-15 and Rabberfleks sealants possess optimum qualities. They weatherproof, possess fine adhesion to any surfaces, are elastic, tensile strength reaches 700%, the mechanical properties keep sealants in the wide temperature range – from -45 ° to +80 °C.

For more reliable protection of a roof of a balcony against leakages it is possible to execute a waterproofing by means of polyurethane mastic of Giperdesmo. It is the obmazochny waterproofing material which is not demanding special technology of drawing – it is put as paint, a brush or the roller. Two layers of mastic create the reliable elastic covering steady against mechanical impacts, action of rainfall, UF-radiation and microorganisms.

Giperdesmo's mastic optimum is suitable for a waterproofing of a floor of a false balcony. The false balcony becomes a source of leakages in that case when on its surface rainfall which filter through microcracks into a balcony plate accumulate, gradually destroying it. Leads sharp differences of temperatures and alternate thawing and freezing of water to further development of cracks in a balcony plate through which there are leakages subsequently. If the adjunction of a balcony plate to a wall is untight, leakages gain more serious character – damp spots appear in the apartment, on a joint of a ceiling and a wall.

The Obmazochny waterproofing by means of Giperdesmo has much more advantages in comparison with a rolled waterproofing - it is lack of seams and bends of material (the weakest places of a rolled waterproofing and potential sources of leakages), vapor permeability, elasticity (more than 60%) and durability. Temperature range in which Giperdesmo's mastic keeps operational properties makes from-50 to +90 °C.

Except installation of a roof (if that is required) an important stage of the device of a balcony is the glazing. Possibly several options: wooden frames, a steel glazing of balconies, an aluminum glazing, PVC a glazing of balconies with double-glazed windows (a warm glazing). The choice of material depends on durability of a protection of a loggia or a balcony. It is the most reliable concrete or brick parapets on which it is possible to establish any window design. When a protection not too strong, it is possible to create an additional wall by means of a bricklaying if limits of a permissible load on a balcony plate it allow. One more option – creation of a metal design on which the window profile becomes stronger.

The glazing of a balcony creates protection against atmospheric actions and increases temperature on a balcony on average on 2 °C, but through not sealed sites heat all the same leaves and moisture can get. Emfimastik's sealants PU-15 and Rabberfleks are also suitable for sealing of a balcony. Cracks and joints less than 1 cm wide are closed by sealant, and wider open sites are filled previously with polyurethane foam or a heater, then pressurized outside. The balcony is pressurized on all perimeter, obligatory sites of sealing of a balcony are adjunctions of a window design to walls and a protection of a balcony, sealing of slopes outside and sealing of the top otliv is obligatory. In case a parapet of a balcony not continuous (for example, represents a leaf of an atseit or galvanization on a metal framework), it is possible to sheathe it the integral sheet of galvanized iron from within, to bend and shoot down bottom edge of a sheet of iron to a concrete floor, to fix top of a leaf under a window sill. Places of a joint of a leaf with balcony elements are also pressurized.

After full sealing temperature on a balcony or a loggia is already 4-6 degrees higher, than on the street. If internal finishing of a balcony is planned, then further stages of finishing will be:

- balcony waterproofing

- warming of a balcony (laying of a heater is made on balcony perimeter, including on a floor and on a ceiling)

- a covering of walls and a ceiling finishing material (plastic or a tree with obligatory impregnation by antiseptic structure from rotting)

Works on sealing and waterproofing of a balcony or loggia have to be carried out carefully, with use of qualitative materials, and then you for long term will be relieved of need of repair of a balcony.

At a waterproofing of a floor of a balcony Giperdesmo's mastic can be used. Two options are possible – if warming on a balcony is not planned, there will be enough waterproofing of a floor with the subsequent laying of a tile. Before it it is possible to execute the leveling cement coupler. Then the surface of a coupler or concrete praymirutsya, put mastic in two or three layers, the last layer fall down quartz sand on which tiled glue is applied then and the tile keeps within. When the balcony is warmed on all perimeter, after a floor surface waterproofing over the waterproofing layer the heater keeps within.

Then internal finishing of a balcony is carried out. Except internal, also external finishing a sandwich panels, a siding, lining or a galvanized professional flooring is possible.

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Device of balconies
Device of balconies
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