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Expansion represents processing of openings for the purpose of obtaining the increased purity and accuracy. Development is a mnogozuby tool which it is similar to a drill and a vertical drill in processing makes rotation round its pivot-center (the main movement) and progressively moves along an axis, making the giving movement.

Expansion allows to receive an opening 2 — the 3rd class of accuracy and 7 — the 8th class of purity of the processed surface.

In a form of the processed opening of development it is possible to divide on cylindrical, applied to processing of round cylindrical openings, and conic, used for processing of conic openings (fig. 71). On a method of application distinguish development machine and manual. Manual development are applied to expansion of openings manually, and machine are used on various machines (drilling, turning, revolving, etc.). Development can be tail and mounted, integral and assembly, constant diameter and adjustable. Development of rather small diameter are produced with a cylindrical or conic shaft which serves for its fixing on the machine, or in a vorotka with a square opening during the work manually.

Mounted development are got on special mandrels which are established in a machine spindle.

Development integral are the simplest on a design, but cannot be regulated on diameter. Therefore razzhimny and combined development with fast-cutting and hard-alloy plug-in teeths which after wear and repoints can be adjusted on the required size that raises service life them find application. Razzhimny development are used at repair of various cars (fig. 71, a). They allow to regulate diameter size in certain limits. It gives the chance to apply the same development when processing an opening of various diameters.

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