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The design purpose — to create the effective product focused on profit, and the design purpose — the high-quality creative registration of a product attractive to the user, but not distracting it from the main objectives.

In spite of the fact that the word design is translated from English as design, in the Russian-speaking countries "design" accepted steady sense of graphic registration.

Really both designers, and designers have to solve one problem namely as the final product will look. However designers as a result have to be responsible for the emotional party of a product, that is style and appeal, and designers - have to solve psychological aspects of interaction of the user and a product, that is convenience and efficiency of use. If to use the ISO 9241-210 standard: Human center design, design is a design stage. Certainly, not only the designer of interfaces and the designer, as well as other additional people, such as the analyst and a specialist usability can be engaged to proyektirovaniye, however not always the customer has enough budget and resources. Important part is here division of work with which cannot effectively one person owing to even not time and loading, and owing to various mentality necessary for performance of graphic works and works on design will cope.

What includes design and that design

Design includes both definition of a context of use, and definition of requirements to the developed product. The prototype can be result of definition of requirements. Here it is also necessary to finish the main work of the designer (I emphasize the main, further of course there is a control, a usability testing and other work) as further there is a design, and when developing design it is necessary to develop style of a product. Work of the designer includes development of the beautiful, marked-out style of the website; strange supericons; banners which draw attention to themselves; illustrations which you will not forget for ever and so on.

Before development of design factors are only objective, that is carrying out researches, analytics, consideration the statistician and ready patterns, and design — a thing subjective.

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Design and design
Design and design
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