Buy Darsonval Corona in a bag
Darsonval Corona in a bag

Darsonval Corona in a bag

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Main characteristics

Supply voltage
220 V
The output tension brought to an electrode
16.0 (kV)
Frequency of filling of impulses
110.0 (kHz)
The electrode is fungoid small
Country producer
Current frequency
50 (Hz)
Frequency of impulses
100.0 (Hz)
Electrode band
The electrode is grebeshkovy
To look at all characteristics

The unique device Darsonval is already known around the world, thanks to the medicinal properties. With its help it is possible to do prevention and to treat many diseases, not only integuments, but also internals and systems. As a rule, most often Darsonval use for strengthening of effect of ointments and creams. The device can be used also in house conditions, and in medical institutions, and also cosmetology offices.

The electrode in the device creates the coronary category which possesses medical impact on cages and tissues of a body. Such electric impulses well influence activity of the nervous terminations, normalize a metabolism in an organism, activate regeneration of fabrics that is especially important at open wounds. Darsonvalization is applied to treatment of the inflamed and open wounds including purulent, diseases of respiratory organs, joints and the musculoskeletal device, varicosity, and many other diseases.

Especially effectively influence of the device of Darsonval at skin problems helps. It can be both trophic ulcers, and any dermatological diseases: deprive, eczema, an acne, psoriasis. Electromagnetic impulses help to struggle in dandruff, seborrhea, and even with a hair loss.

The device the Crown from the Ukrainian producer of Novator is used for a local darsonvalization. The device from a network works with tension 220B. The resource of operability of the device makes not less than 2000 hours. Inclusion mode cyclic: 20 minutes of work / 10 minutes shutdown. This model in a beautiful gift handbag, with office for nozzles is delivered. In total in a set 3 electrodes, for treatment of different parts of the body.

Darsonval Corona in a bag

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Darsonval Corona in a bag
Darsonval Corona in a bag
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