Buy Cryolipolysis device vertical Cryolipolysis us09
Cryolipolysis device vertical Cryolipolysis us09

Cryolipolysis device vertical Cryolipolysis us09

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Detailed description of product

Vertical corpulent freezing the Cryolipolysis car of the beauty for to create bodies

Character of products


  1. corpulent freeze+Vacuum+Cavitation+RF: The result of processing will be more visible, zernokombayn with corpulent processing of freezing and ultrasonic cavitation so far.
  2. 2 corpulent handles of freezing can be work jointly or separatly.
  3. 8,4' 'activity of the screen of contact of LCD, the most beautiful and easy.
  4. The board between light source and the mechanism of the Japanese of the highest level, provides strongly to cool, good influence, long life.
  5. 24hours working without stop.
  6. Corresponding processings: All type of skin.

Frozen corpulent dissolving processings and efficiency
1. Time of processing, 15-45 minutes for each processing;
2. Each client usually does 4 points on paunch, left and straightens twice;
3. The course of 45 days, 20 days, course point is no more than twice; The Frozen installation of temperature of loss of the weight of 3-5 degrees;
4. Frozen lose weight, cold temperature are established by the 5th degrees between durability of the ascending flow of warm air 10-14 RF, heat resolutely according to different clients, stop plus temperature when corresponding and to feet hot and cold system
5. Efficiency of processing, month before influence will be considerable, and also feel more and more thinly.

1) The reserve melted cellulitises blown up and;
2) Reduction and reduction of body weight;
3) To tighten solvent and skin of the party;
4) Creating body and konturya;
5) To raise and accelerate the course body metabolism.

Corpulent freezing the health service used to destroy corpulent cages. The principle needs on controlled to be cooled for noninvasive local reduction corpulent zalemy to pereformovat body contours. To cool subjection it is established so that it will cause death of cage of subcutaneous of corpulent fabric without clear damage to overlying to skin. Procedure is provided the account as nonsurgical alternative to liposuction.

In Europe corpulent cars of freezing are used also in astetichesky clinics and spa.

Do not model any: US09
Exit force: 1000W
Display: screen of contact of color 8.4inch
Language: English
Size 59*35*112.5cm
N.W: 40kg
Package: Aluminum box
H1: Big corpulent handle 18*8*6.8cm of freezing
H2: Small corpulent handle 15*6.3*5cm of freezing
H3: Multipolar RF
H4: Cavitation
Pressure: 400KPA
Temperature: - 10 ~ 5degree
Cooling system: Wind+water+semiconductor
Working times: Lack of idle time
Cavitation Frequency: 40 KHZ
Energy: 1 ~ 50 W/cm2
Mode IMP uls
Head diameter 50 mm
Multipolar RF Frequency: 6 MHz
Energy: 1 ~ 50 J/cm2
Head diameter: 50 mm
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Cryolipolysis device vertical Cryolipolysis us09
Cryolipolysis device vertical Cryolipolysis us09
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