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Cream cosmetic - aromaterapevtichesky means on care of body skin. Contains a complex of essential oils and it is biological - active extracts of herbs. Normalizes a metabolism, increases protective functions of skin, returns it elasticity and elasticity. Humidifies, feeds, tones up. Possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Essential oils strengthen blood circulation, stimulate processes of regeneration of integuments at extensions and cellulitis.

Method of application: after a shower or a bathtub (1 - 2 time a day) to apply on slightly moist skin, the easy massage movements distributing on a body.

Structure: the water prepared, glycerin, oils of grape seeds, germs of wheat and seeds of sunflower, yarrow extract, ammonium akriloildimetiltaurat, acrylic copolymer, extracts of a St. John's Wort, barley sprouts, acid lemon, dye, essential oils of a cypress, a juniper, rosemary, a lemon, not role.

Contraindications: hypersensibility to one of components of cream.

Mass of 140 g.

Period of storage: 18 months.
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Cream cosmetic
Cream cosmetic
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