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Cranes for blast furnaces

Cranes for blast furnaces

Ukraine, Odessa
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Crane three-running KTSh-NZh-32;-40;-50

In January, 2012 the management of the enterprise made the decision to start development and creation of prototypes of the three-running spherical crane from stainless steels as many enterprises of a metallurgical profile of Ukraine and Russia began to use these cranes at repairs of the furnaces.

At the moment KTSh-NZh-32,40,50 cranes are entered into a mass production and can be manufactured by our enterprise for needs of metallurgy.

Cranes three-running spherical corrosion-proof (KTSh-NZh) are used as shutoff valves to the pipelines transporting sea and fresh water, oil products, foodstuff, steam.
Crane Uslovn. pass

Du (mm)



Material Max. t ° Stake. cycles Term of the ex-square (years) Class germetichn. Greasing uplotn.



32 1,6 12X18H10T 180 With ° 5000 4 And

(on water) GOST


At the request of the customer


40 1,6


50 1,6

Serves as material of consolidation of a sphere and rod in cranes of the KTSh-NZh series ftoroplast the F4 brands. At the request of the customer material of consolidation can be replaced with F4K20 or graphite. Also at the request of the customer the case of the crane can be manufactured of the staly brand St20 or St40kh that allows to reduce the product price significantly.

Table 1. Key parameters and sizes.

drawing No.

on TUU

Design document Du (mm) MPa L (mm) L1 (mm) H (mm) S (mm) S1 (mm) S2 (mm) G (mm)
Fig. 1 KT01.000.000 32 1,6 93 70 110 30 14 46 1, 34
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Cranes for blast furnaces
Cranes for blast furnaces
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