Buy Counter of coins Scan Coin SC 303
Counter of coins Scan Coin SC 303

Counter of coins Scan Coin SC 303

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  • Through recalculation
  • The account with packing: 7 given sizes of packing


  • TI 1 — a sleeve for ready paper tubes
  • IH 1 — the holder of a sleeve of TI 1
  • BGS 1 — the holder for small plastic or paper bags with the shelf for their support


  • High precision of recalculation of coins and low noise level
  • Rejection of the coins inappropriate to the set parameters
  • An opportunity to set the temporary amount of packing in the range from 5 to 10999 coins
  • Stop at a devastation of a loading tray
  • Non-volatile memory for saving data on quantity of the counted coins
  • Automatic reverse for elimination of the got stuck coins
  • The 6th the digit LED display for display of quantity of the counted coins and the counted packed-up portions
  • The wide range of accessories for work in various modes (filling of tubas, increase in the loading bunker, holders of bags)

Scope of application

Working with speed of 2700 coins a minute, saves the major resource - the cashier's time. Two separate settings for installation of diameter and thickness of coins do it universal. SC 303 - is the ideal decision for recalculation of rubles and coins of other states of different face value in credit and debit cash desks on service of legal entities, rooms out of the cash hall and change cash desks of bank. The counter is also widely used in transport companies, shopping and entertainment centers - everywhere where fast processing of coins is necessary.

Pluses for the cashier

Counters are adapted under the Russian coins, on regulators of thickness and diameter face values of coins are designated. The overturning tray of SC 303 is especially convenient for loading and can serve as a cover cover.

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Counter of coins Scan Coin SC 303
Counter of coins Scan Coin SC 303
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