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Counter of coins DoCash 903

Counter of coins DoCash 903

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Monetary and sorting DoCash 903 car

DoCash 903 - the machine for recalculation of coins which carries out the functions even with strongly polluted coins. It is used for recalculation and packing, it is capable to pass to 1600 coins/min. Prior to work it is necessary to choose the necessary sizes. Function of detection is not provided in this model.

The DoCash 903 device has the mass of pluses and advantages:

  • the powerful engine for effective work;
  • inductive technique of the account;
  • stops on end of the specified packing volume;
  • three layers of memory (two total and packing);
  • it is compact at the expense of small dimensions;
  • it is almost silent in work;
  • it is convenient when transporting (there is a handle).

The machine has the sizes: width is 240 mm, depth is 400 mm and height is 185 mm. Weight makes about 8 kg.

Functions and opportunities:

  • self-locking device and possibility of preset;
  • automatic reversion when jamming a counter;
  • possibility of the choice of diameter and thickness of coins.

At the beginning of work the requirement to coins and if they differ from the set, such coins is exposed develop in other bag. Thanks to the compact sizes and presence of the convenient rotary handle it is easily transported and it can be applied at offices with small areas. Diameter of the coins accepted by car from 14 to 34 mm, and thickness from 08 to 3.8 mm. DoCash 903 is equipped with the display with the contrast image allowing to monitor all process.

Type of memory of the car - three-level. It allows to remember data on the sum in each bag, total amount and about a partial result. As control of the size happens every time individually, for one pass it is possible to sort only one necessary size of coins. Thus, it will be required to sort several times rejection to collect in each bag separately the necessary size of counters or coins.

Technical characteristics:

Account speed, coins/minute 1600
Diameter of coins, mm from 14 to 34
Thickness of coins, mm from 0.8 to 3.8
Loading device, coins 1500
Power consumption, W 60
Dimensions (SHKHGKHV), mm 240х400х185
Weight, kg 8,0
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Counter of coins DoCash 903
Counter of coins DoCash 903
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