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Cosmetology LAZMIK®\lasers

Cosmetology LAZMIK®\lasers

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Technical characteristics
  • Brand«ЛАЗМИК®»
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • WavelengthЗависит от типа издучателя nm

Cosmetology LAZMIK®\lasers - system for a bezygolny mesotherapy and multipurpose laser cosmetology.

Scopes: cosmetology and dermatokosmetologiya, bezygolny mesotherapy, lazeroforez hyaluronic acid and other effective preparations and gels, fight against wrinkles, anti age program, laser biorevitalization of skin, anti-cellulite and lipolitichesky program, antikuperoz, bleaching, treatment of hair, etc.

The equipment "LAZMIK®" has the Certificate State. Registration of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Our Altermed enterprise - the Official exclusive representative of the equipment and the LAZMIK® technology in Ukraine.

One of the most popular use of the equipment - lazeroforez (a bezygolny mesotherapy) hyaluronic acid or laser biorevitalization.

About a method: Emergence of wrinkles - result of an usykhaniye of skin where with age the amount of hyaluronic acid which holds a large number of molecules of water decreases. Fight against aging of skin - attempt "to stop time" by moistening. Fine results of an injection mesotherapy with preparations with hyaluronic acid have negative sides: morbidity, injury (bruises, hypostases, blood from pricks), risk of an "unsuccessful" prick and infection.
Lazeroforez of hyaluronic acid on the LAZMIK® technology has efficiency of 80% and above, at total absence of morbidity, injury and risk of infection. A method - noninvasive since there is no violation of integrity of an integument.

The problem site of skin (a face, a neck, etc.) is cleared by a peeling and studied by the structure opening a time. Hardware LAZMIK® gel with hyaluronic acid is applied. Through an open time it gets into sweat and sebaceous glands. Then - processing by the therapeutic laser which beam makes active ability of cages in a time to a transtsitoz - transfer of substances from an internal surface of a time in skin. Cages begin "to pump over" intensively gel molecules in epidermis and to a term.
Besides, the beam of the therapeutic laser well influences fabrics, makes the anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating impact at the cellular level. Medical practice of use of therapeutic lasers in medicine is based on it.

Equipment structure - block:
Three components are necessary for work:
- Mainframe;
- The laser radiating head;
- A nozzle on the radiating head.
The mainframe gives power supply and operates a laser head.
The laser head is connected to the Mainframe, it is a source of a laser beam, parameters depend on head type.
The nozzle fastens on a laser head. It leads up a laser beam to the place of procedure, protects a radiator from damages during the work, and is applied for combined magnetic and laser, laser and acupuncture, laser and vacuum, laser ipplikatornykh procedures.

By a technique, the Mainframe (1-or 2-channel), the Laser radiating heads is necessary for procedure (KLO-3 and KLO-780; are used alternately), the Nozzle "Cosmetologist", goggles for the cosmetologist and the patient. Everything together it makes the Set.
The block architecture allows to make a set ONLY of the necessary components and not to buy anything superfluous.

The simple in principle LAZMIK®\technology contains many important details without which observance there is no effective procedure.
The success is created by three factors: the trained expert, the equipment for this technology and use of hardware LAZMIK®\gels.
Therefore we recommend to be trained. Any expert with basic skill of the cosmetologist in the course of training easily masters technology.
Training is provided only in Kiev and 2,5-3 hours last.

After that technical training in the equipment is surely provided: operation, control, correct address.

Trained receive the nominal Certificate on development of the LAZMIK®\technology.

Training cost upon purchase of the equipment-800 gr. (Without purchase - 2500 gr.)

The cost of the acquired set depends on the total cost of all its components. We will help to pick up correctly structure of the equipment and we will discuss possible optimization of expenses.

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Cosmetology LAZMIK®\lasers
Cosmetology LAZMIK®\lasers
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