Buy Cord from fiber glass of 10 mm
Cord from fiber glass of 10 mm

Cord from fiber glass of 10 mm

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Fiber glass the Textured fiber glass is made in the form of threads with a diameter from one to several micron. It is a new type of material which has the high durability, heat stability, and also low heat conductivity (0,22 W / mk). Fiber glass does not absorb moisture, does not decay and is not subject to chemical decomposition (PH 6 - 11). It atmosfero-, kisloto-, oil - and korrozionostoyko, and also does not install electrical equipment. Glass fibers have excellent heat-insulating properties. Therefore products from fiber glass it is applied to heat insulation, protection against hostile environment, electrical insulation. In view of abrasivity of fiber glass it is applied only in motionless connections. Heating process practically does not influence the geometrical sizes and durability of products from fiber glass. Data: Density: 0,9 — 1,1 g/cm the Maximum instant temperature is 650 °C the Maximum working temperature: 500 °C Loss when heating (burning) and: 3% are Most often used by the companies for consolidation of doors of solid propellant coppers. It prevents a smoke exit from the combustion chamber to the room — a boiler room. Isolation of all doors in a copper is recommended. Replacement of a sealant: to remove an old sealant from a door crack, having measured and having cut off appropriate length a new piece, press it in doors. For installation of sealant the fire-resistant glue applied be specially adapted can.
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Cord from fiber glass of 10 mm
Cord from fiber glass of 10 mm
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