Buy Contactors power CEM32.00 230AC
Contactors power CEM32.00 230AC

Contactors power CEM32.00 230AC

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Contactors power CEM32.00 230AC

For frequent switching of power chains contactors and magnetic actuators are used. Kontaktor represents the device consisting of the coil of management, the mobile mechanism and contact unit (an example - the contactor of a kma). The magnetic actuator is represented, as a rule, by the contactor with the installed thermal relay and additional protection devices though there are exceptions (for example, the actuator pml). The electrothermal relay protects electric motors from overloads, asymmetries of phases, the tightened start-up and jamming of a rotor. Contactors of alternating current and contactors of a direct current distinguish. For switching in chains of management pilot relays are used. All products conform to the state and international standards.

Application - Kontaktora power are intended for switching of electric loading in single-phase and three-phase networks with power up to 160 kW (U=400V, AC3).

→ possibility of installation of additional contacts, mechanical blocking, "RC " of filters,
→ mounting on the tire TH35 or on the mounting plate by means of screws,
→ high mechanical and electric resource,
→ universal additional contacts (mounting on any face values of contactors).

Technical datas:
Compliance to the standards PN-IEC/PN-EN 60 947, DIN VDE 0660, UL, CSA
Climatic stability It agrees with IEC68-2
Working temperature from - 25oC to +55oC
Insulation voltage 1000V

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Contactors power CEM32.00 230AC
Contactors power CEM32.00 230AC
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