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Construction of log houses

Construction of log houses

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Ukraine, Kiev
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Chopped domimet the delights in comparison with the rounded log and a bar, especially it is a kasayetsyadizayna of the log house.

For the manual cabin of a felling it is used only mature wood of winter preparation of big diameters from 24 cm to 60 cm. Breed of wood of a felling at your choice (a pine, an alder, the Siberian pine). At production of fellings we use any kinds of the manual cabin of corners (in a paw, in oblo, in a corner), with internal protesky walls and without that, and also the combined views of the manual cabin with application of all last achievements in protection of wood against wreckers and rotting. During creation of a felling manual calibration of logs, and also manual processing of a surface of logs of a felling skobely, is used by a plane or a shlifmashinka. At a manual kantovka the chopped log gets ideally plain and smooth surface and at the same time the protective layer of wood of a felling, so-called "sapwood" remains. At the manual cabin in a felling remain resinous and mechanical speak rapidly. Logs kantutsya by a plane manually strictly along fibers and pitch pockets of a tree. At such processing pitch pockets are corked that gives to a log in a felling additional protection against moisture. In a ready felling the chopped log has a groove with a minimum width from 14 cm. Ideal adjustment of logs to each other in a felling keeps heat in your house in any frosts. Thanks to the qualitative manual cabin of logs shrinkage of a well of a felling is minimum. Depending on height and type of a chopped log shrinkage of a felling makes 3 - 8 cm. The cost of construction of the log house, today (August, 2009), from calculation for square meter of total area, makes about from the 650th a dale. USA.

The log house prepares at plant, and then in the sorted look is transported on an installation site and mounted.

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Construction of log houses
Construction of log houses
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