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Construction of constructions wooden

Construction of constructions wooden

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Ukraine, Mukachevo
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Pricing for felling, option No. 2
No. of payment order The materials applied in construction of walls of the house Cost Diameter of log, section of bar (mm) Dates of performance of works in the house of 100 sq.m.
For 1 sq.m of the area of the house on floor
nizhniyetazh upper floor
1 The house from the log rounded mechanically
(log length - to 6 m)
To 400 (u.a) To 350 (u.a) 180
2 The house from log, chopped manual way (wild tes)
(log length - to 8 m)
To 500 (u.a) To 450 (u.a) 200-300 70-80
3 The house from glued bar
(bar length - to 12 m)
To 700 (u.a) To 650 (u.a) 180х200 60-70
4 House frame and panel board To 300 (u.a) - 150х45 (summer) 40-50
To 500 (u.a) - 150х120 (winter) 50-60

Names of the works which are included in the price:

1. Drawing up outline pro-this of the wooden house (in the Archicad program).
2. Installation of box of the house (preliminary and repeated) with rewalls, according to the project.
3. Waterproofing of the lower log (bar).
4. Impregnation of wooden products antiseptic agent.
5. Installation of mezhventsovy consolidation in trenches of bar and the place of connections.
6. Additional fastening of log (bar) in walls beechen nagelyam.
7. Making in communication channels (channels under electric cable).
8. Installation of beams under overlapping and log under wooden floor.
9. Krisha in set (rafters, obreshetka, plate of RSD, euroroofing material, warming, hydro-Paro-barrier, roofing material, wind board).
10. Floor, logs, plinth (rabbeted constructional board of 30-35 mm. in 1 row, or simple board of 25-30 mm in 2 rows with warm shumo isolation)
11. Tile on floor (at the request of the customer).
12. Windows wooden (glued bar, double-glazed windows, accessories, locks, boxes, platbands, toning).
13. Doors wooden (boxes, platbands, accessories, locks, toning).
14. Lining wooden (polishing, varnishing).
15. Ladder (one - dvomarshevy, made of the log cut in half from pernila)
16. Loading works.


Height of walls of the first floor makes 2.5-2.6 m.
Height of outside walls of the mansard floor in places of adjunction of rafters makes 1.2-1.3 m.
The cost of houses the area of which of less than 50 m of kV is calculated at other price.
The cost of the mansard floor and also open balconies, terraces, is considered at a discount - 30-40%.
At construction of houses the Carpathian smereka or the Russian pine is used.
Thickness of log can reach 400 mm.
To joining and connection of logs in locks are applied: ordinary (Russian) and self-condensing (Canadian) cups.

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Construction of constructions wooden
Construction of constructions wooden
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