Buy Concentrate of serumal protein of 80%
Concentrate of serumal protein of 80%

Concentrate of serumal protein of 80%

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandVilvi
  • Country of manufactureLithuania
  • Fat percentage80 %


The concentrate of serumal protein of WPC 80 is received from subcheese serum by way of ultrafiltration and raspylitelny drying.
Packing / storage. - Four - layer paper bags with a polyethylene insert. Packing on 20 kg net.
- For the maximum stability it is recommended to store this product at a temperature from 0ºC to + 25ºC, humidity of air should not be higher than 65% .
Powder should be stored far from strong aromas or smells.
- Expiration date: At least 12 months under the storage conditions stated above.

Safety of a protein
Influence of a serumal protein on health of the person attracts great medical interest and is actively studied by scientists as potential remedy for some diseases. Now use of a serumal protein as a source of amino acids and its positive impact on an organism at heart troubles and cancer diseases is an object of many researches. Serum is a rich source of the VSAA branched amino acids which stimulate protein synthesis. Key value for stimulation of synthesis of protein is played by L - leucine amino acid. Receipt of a significant amount of a L - leucine in a human body (for example, with serumal protein additives) accelerates process of restoration after physical activities. The serumal protein contains cysteine amino acids which can be used for glutathione creation. The researches conducted on animals showed that milk proteins can reduce risk of development of cancer tumors. The serumal protein is usually on sale and used as dietary additive. Because of numerous discussions about usefulness of some products it was carried to group of medicines of nonconventional medicine. Negative influence of a serumal protein on a liver of the person is not proved.
The serumal protein as nutritional supplement can be compared to baby food. Attentively get acquainted with structure on packing of baby food of various trademarks. You will find there components which often meet in sports food (maltodextrin, a concentrate of serumal protein of KSB 80, various amino acids). That is why in youth children advised each other for acquisition of sports forms to use baby food. One of key components is the serumal protein in which there are valuable proteins and lactose, necessary for children (dairy sugar).
The serumal protein - can be used in pure form at the rate of 2 g of protein (not a product, namely protein) a day on 1 kg of weight of your body. I. e. the quantity of portions of the use has advisory nature.
Ingredients: Concentrate of serumal protein (KSB of 80% ). The product does not contain artificial fragrances, sweeteners, dyes, preservatives.
Recommendations about application: mix 2 tablespoons of a product from 200 - 300 ml of water or milk. Stir by means of a shaker or the blender. Drink 1 - 3 portions a day: prior to a training, after the training, after awakening in the morning.

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Concentrate of serumal protein of 80%
Concentrate of serumal protein of 80%
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