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Components of hydraulic cylinders

Components of hydraulic cylinders

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Ukraine, Kiev
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We offer the brands of f7 Sk45 steel for production or repair of hydraulic cylinders chromeplated rod

Inside diameter: 10-120 mm

Outer diameter: according to EN 10305 - 1

On demand also other sizes can be delivered

Brands became: ISO f7 (ISO h7 or another - on demand)

Ovality: at most 1/2 of tolerance from diameter

Standard length: 6000 ±300 mm

Special length: upon the demand of the client

On demand pipes of commercial or carved length can be delivered.

Surface roughness: Ra - max. 0,20 µм (most often from 0,10 to 0.15 µм)

Thickness of the chromeplated covering: min. 20 µм

Chrome layer microhardness: min. 900 HV0.1

Linearity: max. 0.25 mm/m

Article Goods Retail price
NIMAX-CB10 Rod 10f7; CK45 (rm.) 52,20 UAH.
NIMAX-CB12 Rod 12f7; CK45 (rm.) 58,62 UAH.
NIMAX-CB14 Rod 14f7 CK45 (rm.) 70,74 UAH.
NIMAX-CB16 Rod 16f7; CK45 (rm.) 84,60 UAH.
NIMAX-CB18 Rod 18f7; CK45 (rm.) 101,10 UAH.
NIMAX-CB20 Rod 20f7; CK45 (rm.) 102,36 UAH.
NIMAX-CB22 Rod 22f7; CK45 (rm.) 118,08 UAH.
NIMAX-CB25,4 Rod 25,4f7; CK45 (rm.) 143,94 UAH.
NIMAX-CB25 Rod 25f7; CK45 (rm.) 141,42 UAH.
NIMAX-CB28 Rod 28f7; CK45 (rm.) 165,60 UAH.
NIMAX-CB30 Rod 30f7; CK45 (rm.) 179,40 UAH.
NIMAX-CB31,75 Rod 31,75f7; CK45 (rm.) 190,44grn.
NIMAX-CB32 Rod 32f7; CK45 (rm.) 193,44 UAH.
NIMAX-CB35 Rod 35f7; CK45 (rm.) 225,90 UAH.
NIMAX-CB36. Rod 36f7; CK45 (rm.) 234,90 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB36 Rod 36f7; CK45 HARD (rm.) 270,18 UAH.
NIMAX-CB38 Rod 38f7; CK45 (rm.) 257,70 UAH.
NIMAX-CB40 Rod 40f7; CK45 (rm.) 273,42 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB40 Rod 40f7; CK45HARD (rm.) 314,46 UAH.
NIMAX-CB45 Rod 45f7; CB45 (rm.) 346,26 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB45 Rod 45f7; CB45HARD (rm.) 397,97 UAH.
NIMAX-CB50,8 Rod 50,8f7; CK45 (rm.) 440,98 UAH.
NIMAX-CB50 Rod 50f7; CK45 (rm.) 420,06 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB50 Rod 50f7; CK45 HARD (rm.) 482,76 UAH.
NIMAX-CB55 Rod 55f7; CK45 (rm.) 508,08 UAH.
NIMAX-CB56 Rod 56f7; CK45 (rm.) 526,86 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB56 Rod 56f7; CK45 HARD (rm.) 605,64 UAH.
NIMAX-CB60 Rod 60f7; CK45 (rm.) 604,62 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB60 Rod 60f7; CK45 HARD (rm.) 695,46 UAH.
NIMAX-CB63 Rod 63f7; CK45 (rm.) 747,72 UAH.
NIMAX-CB65 Rod 65f7 CK45 (rm.) 709,68 UAH.
NIMAX-CB70 Rod 70f7; CK45 (rm.) 841,50 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB70 Rod 70f7; CK45 HARD (rm.) 967,80 UAH.
NIMAX-CB75 Rod 75f7 CK45 (rm.) 982,20 UAH.
NIMAX-CB80. Rod 80f7; CK45 (rm.) 1109,88 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB80 Rod 80f7; CK45 HARD (rm.) 1276,20 UAH.
NIMAX-CB85 Rod 85f7; CK45 (rm.) 1288,74grn.
NIMAX-CB90 Rod 90f7; CK45 (rm.) 1404,54 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB90 Rod 90f7; CK45 HARD (rm.) 1404,54 UAH.
NIMAX-CB95 Rod 95f7; CK45 (rm.) 1752,96 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB95 Rod 95f7; CK45 HARD (rm.) 1850,94 UAH.
NIMAX-CB100. Rod 100f7; CK45 (rm.) 1816,60 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB100 Rod 100f7; CK45 HARD (rm.) 2089,08grn.
NIMAX-CB110. Rod 110f7; CK45 (rm.) 2210,70 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB110 Rod 110f7; CK45 HARD (rm.) 2757,42 UAH.
NIMAX-CB115 Rod 115f7; CK45 (rm.) 2729,88 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB115 Rod 115f7; CK45 HARD (rm.) 3139,38 UAH.
NIMAX-CB120 Rod 120f7; CK45 (rm.) 4080,30 UAH.
NIMAX-ICB120 Rod 120f7; CK45HARD (rm.) 3691,86 UAH.
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Components of hydraulic cylinders
Components of hydraulic cylinders
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