Buy Complexes of the equipment for processing and blending of honey
Complexes of the equipment for processing and blending of honey

Complexes of the equipment for processing and blending of honey

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Equipment for honey blending.

Honey blending — mixing of two - three botanical grades of honey for improvement of its trade dress, taste and aroma. This difficult procedure is carried out only with mature, natural unspoiled liquid meda. Before carrying out To - the m of big party should be carried out mixing of initial med in certain proportions in small volume. If honey after careful hashing turns out with good aroma and taste, start to To - m of big party. Meda carefully mix manually or mechanical mixers and allow to be defended then from its surface delete foam. Zakristallizovannye Meda carefully heat on a water bath at a temperature not above 50 °C to full fusion of crystals. Meda with a pleasant flower smell, gentle taste and a good trade dress do not need blending. Production with a slight smell, with a watery siropoobrazny consistence, sharp taste is mixed with more fragrant and gentle on taste of a medama.

Specialized processing of honey assumes the following main stages:

If crude honey is granulated, it needs to be razzhizhit at a certain temperature during certain time. This operation simplifies further passing of honey in system.
Preliminary heating and filtration
Crude honey moves in a bathtub of preliminary heating with a water casing, a filtering sieve for removal of large particles, a mixer for preliminary homogenization of crude honey. Preliminary heating is carried out at the increased temperature due to circulation of hot water in a casing by means of the pump.
The standard consignment of honey is exposed to homogenization in the special device.
Honey is pumped over via filters for removal of small particles (pollen).
After a filtration honey passes through the heat exchanger where due to circulation of hot water high temperature is maintained. Thus microscopic barmy cages are deactivated.
Vacuum boil - off
Decrease in humidity of honey is carried out in the scraper evaporator under vacuum. Temperature of honey is maintained by the circulating hot water. Further steam separates from honey and is condensed by cold water, and condensate separately gathers. The general time and temperature have to be controlled strictly in order to avoid loss of properties, natural color, aroma and taste of honey.
Honey cooling
The processed honey arriving from the scraper evaporator passes through the heat exchanger for instant cooling that allows to keep color, structure and quality of honey. Honey gathers in the lower part of the heat exchanger and further moves in a sealed container with the tank settler. Air bubbles are besieged from below is brought to the surfaces of the tank and pure honey for packing and packing.

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Complexes of the equipment for processing and blending of honey
Complexes of the equipment for processing and blending of honey
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