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Commercial and Industrial construction

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Ukraine, Ternopol
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Industrial construction is a task for professional team of builders, but not for the businessman who is going to work indoors. We have a vast experience of construction of industrial facilities and are ready to execute your order with the highest professionalism.

In industrial construction there is one complexity: each structure has to conform to certain standards therefore existence of the thought-over project is obligatory. The widespread decision are the fast-built buildings today thanks to what lines of commissioning of the object are considerably reduced, and also expenses considerably decrease.

In industrial construction, design registration plays very unimportant role, and the main factor of quality is the durability, durability and convenience of the built building.
Industrial construction is very responsible process which has to be followed by serious control at each stage of performance of work. This need, we put at the head of our actions as not only compliance of ready object to wishes of the customer, but also safety of workers will depend on it directly.
On the account of our plant tens of executed objects of industrial construction.
Address us and our experts will be always ready to undertake even the most difficult project.

The bearing basis of the majority of buildings is spatial karkassostoyashchiya from system of the columns connected among themselves, walls, beams and overlapping.

Reinforced concrete - for today the most demanded material for construction of frameworks of buildings in which being artificial construction material the rational combination of concrete and fittings is used. At the same time use of reinforced concrete as framework material not just historically developed choice, and the decision which for many decades asserted the right for existence thanks to unique qualities of reinforced concrete: high durability, durability, high fire resistance, technological effectiveness, low prime cost, frost resistance, resistance to hostile environment, etc.

Practice of the Light-Votic BMZ plant showed advantages of the frame buildings allowing to increase considerably consumer qualities of housing (and uninhabited objects) at the expense of free space-planning decisions.

The choice of this or that option of a framework is defined for the concrete frame building individually and depends on a set of factors:
— space-planning solution of a framework of the building;
— numbers of storeys of the building;
- existence of production base of production of products of combined designs of a framework;
— existence of the construction organizations familiar with technology of construction of combined and combined and monolithic frameworks and tp.
Use of frame designs of the building opens ample opportunities for the solution of consumer tasks iudovletvoryat to five basic rules for the choice of optimum constructive system:
1) an opportunity to build housing of any level of comfort (from social to elite);
2) speed and vsesezonnost of construction;
3) minimum material capacity;
4) an opportunity to build objects of any appointment (housing, office and public buildings);
5) a possibility of use of the local production base focused on combined housing construction, and, therefore absence of enormous investments into production.

1. Durability and durability. BMZ are the capital warmed reinforced concrete buildings, belong to the II class of responsibility and have no restrictions on operation term. Snow loading for IV and V areas, wind for the IV area.
2. Fire safety. All designs belong to the II degree of fire resistance.
3. Seismic stability. Buildings can be applied in areas with seismicity of 9 points.
4. Heat insulation. Designs provide comfortable conditions in rooms at an external temperature from +50 to -55 °C.
5. Technological effectiveness and universality. The set of wall panels with window, door, vorotny and technological openings allows to complete one - and multiflying buildings of various appointments without restrictions on the area of the building. The possibility of installation the suspended crane beam by loading capacity 5tn is provided.
6. The building the size 12kh30kh6m of 360 sq.m is mounted within one week by crew from 5 people. Lack of "wet" processes allows to conduct installation in winter time.
7. High factory readiness. All designs of factory production are mounted by means of automobile cranes, connection — welded.
8. Essential decrease in expenses in comparison with alternative types with

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Commercial and Industrial construction
Commercial and Industrial construction
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