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Cold galvanizing

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System of cold galvanizing

specialized the anticorrosive covering providing tire-tread electrochemical protection of metal. To be applied as anticorrosive soil to severe industrial conditions. The mechanism of protection is based on an oxidizing vostanovitelnykh the reactions happening on a metal surface. Proceeding from the fact that Zn (zinc) has higher potential, than Fe (iron).

Properties of material: the unicomponent system of cold galvanizing is applied in various industries as tire-tread protection against corrosion of metal surfaces. The structure represents mix of high-pure fine zinc powder in solution of kremniyorganichesky pitch and special additives. "Cold galvanizing" provides film and electrochemical protection of metal against corrosion. Zinc at the expense of higher potential interferes with oxidation of metal under a film, the covering forms a barrier of the increased resistance to corrosion and mechanical damages.

The structure possesses high degree of adhesion (mechanical and chemical) with steel. Even in those places where damages take place, the covering does not exfoliate and does not allow a rzhavleniye. In use the galvanized covering is condensed even more. It occurs at the expense of the products of dissolution of zinc accumulated in a time and limiting, thus, access of the destroying environment factors to the protected surface. Ability of a covering to self-curing of insignificant damages is explained by this property. Thanks to the fact that holodnotsinkovy coverings are not toxic it is recommended to apply them when processing systems of water supply, constructions to storage of loose products, and also capacities under alcohol-containing liquids. Thus, anticorrosive coverings of a surface became, processed by the "cold galvanizing" method, are very steady against the destroying external factors.

Feature of a product - in the dry rest of material more than 80% of zinc. On the painted surface it is possible to perform welding works - a better welding arch, insignificant was gone - to tint. The statics of a surface is higher. Use as a priming coat under powder coloring (system of hot hardening) is recommended, the layer of cold galvanizing provides reliable protection of metal under a powder covering, does not allow subfilm corrosion.

The product is intended for protection against corrosion of the metal building constructions operated:

1) in atmospheric conditions of all types of the atmosphere in accordance with GOST 15150-69;

2) in sea and fresh water;

3) in crude oil, gasoline and other oil products.

Main properties of a covering:

1) high degree of adhesion to any kinds of surfaces;

2) full water tightness of a covering;

3) fire safety - material does not extend fire and does not sustain combustion;

4) high durability of a covering;

5) high elasticity, lack of cracking and flaking of a covering.

Appearance: opaque covering of gray color.

Packing: metal container. Solvents: 646, 647, xylol, toluene, RAJ4A.

Drawing temperature: material is applied at a temperature from-10 to +35 ° C and relative humidity of air no more than 90%.

Preparation of material for drawing: to carefully vent zinc composition for uniform distribution of zinc on volume, to add solvent.

Ways of drawing: pneumatic and airless dispersion, brush, roller, okunaniye, filling. During drawing the composition needs to be mixed periodically for prevention of sedimentation of powder of zinc. When drawing multilayered coverings each subsequent layer should be put after drying previous "on came unstuck". Drying - natural. Drying time to degree 3 in accordance with GOST 19007-73 - no more than 3 hours; hold time prior to operation - 7 days at +20 ° C. For washing of the painting equipment solvents are used: 646, 647, xylol, toluene, RAJ4A.

Consumption rates: 200-250 g/m2 on 1 layer. The consumption of material depends on a type of drawing and real working conditions (height, shop coloring, field coloring). At industrial coloring additional coefficients are accepted.

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Cold galvanizing
Cold galvanizing
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