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Cogwheel, Cogwheel or gear wheel [1] — the basic part of the tooth gear in the form of disk with the teeths on cylindrical or conical surface entering gearing with teeths of other cogwheel. In mechanical engineering it is accepted to call small cogwheel with smaller number of teeths gear wheel, and big — wheel. However often all cogwheels are called gear wheels. Cogwheels are usually used by couples with different number of teeths for the purpose of transformation of torque and speed of shaft on entrance and exit. The wheel to which the torque is brought from the outside is called the leader, and wheel from which the moment is removed — conducted. If diameter of driving wheel is less, then the torque of driven wheel increases due to proportional reduction of rotational speed and vice versa. According to gear ratio, increase in torsion torque will cause proportional reduction of angular speed of rotation of the gear, and their work — mechanical power — will remain invariable. This ratio is fair only for the ideal case which is not considering friction loss and other effects characteristic of real devices.

LLC Promkhimmash has opportunity to make: zapchasny parts to rezinosmesitel, calenders, rollers.

Has opportunity to put

- calenders for processing of rubber, polymeric and there are a lot of composition materials 4 - 710 - 1800, 4 - 500 - 1250, 3 - 310 - 500, 5 - 200 - 600 and other spare parts to them.

- mixers for hashing of multicomposition materials at production of rubber, plastics, leatherettes, etc. RS - 270, 250, 90, 71 l. SN/SP-45. Blending chambers, rotor, lubricant stations, block reducers, etc. zapchasny parts.

- CM2100 rollers - 660/660, 1500 - 660/660, 1500 - 550/550, 800 - 550/550; PD2100 - 660/660, 1500 - 660/660, 800 - 550/550, 630 - 315/315, RF800 - 490/610; RZ800 - 550/550; DR800 - 490/610; Laborotornye - LB320 - 160/160; Units from the 2nd and 3rd valets.

- to rollers: the device for hashing and cooling of rubber on rollers, and also are shaky, reducer, conic couples, gear wheels frictional, drive, etc. zapchasny parts.

- one-worm machines of warm power supply: - MChT - 400, 250, 125, 90, 63, 32, strainers. Zapchasny parts to them: sleeves, plugs, screws, worms, gear wheels, reducer.

- one-worm machines of cold power supply: MChH - 160, 125, 90, 63, 32 and repair parts to them.

- drum vulkonizatsionny press of continuous action of "BUZULUK" (izg. Czech Republic).

- the equipment for crushing of waste of rubber - mill dish "UNIMAKS", and also repair parts to them (izg. Czech Republic).

The equipment can be delivered, new, from storage and recovered. Delivery and other equipment according to the request of the buyer is possible. Cost - contractual.

We carry out: restoring repair of the rezinaobrabatuyushchy equipment. Completion and modernization of the equipment according to the specification of the customer, selection of the equipment on zakazupokupatel.

Let's make: shaft, gear wheels, pinion shaft, etc. non-standard products to the equipment according to drawings of the customer.

Development of projects on installation of lines of giving, dosing and mixing of ingredients with technical and technology support of projects.

let's make and will put the equipment for giving and dosing of ingredients in mixers. Let's perform installation and commissioning. If necessary we will train service personnel.

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