Buy Coal Atlas CWFST filter Article: CWFST
Coal Atlas CWFST filter Article: CWFST

Coal Atlas CWFST filter Article: CWFST

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Ukraine, Kiev
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The coal Atlas CWFST filter is calculated for small apartments with average water consumption and constant quantity living to the 4th persons.

Atlas CWFST is a compact system of water purification, is intended for removal from water of chlorine and organochlorine substances, decrease in chromaticity and oxidability of water.

The system represents the filter with the filtering material inside manufactured of corrosion-resistant high-strength plastic with built in it automatic the managing director of the valve of the peninsula of the USA.

The automatic operating valve often still is called "brains" of system. He is responsible for all processes of water purification, restoration of properties of the filtering loading and thanks to it the system works completely independently, excepting influence of "a human factor".

The operating valve provides automatic regeneration (washing) of system on the set time of the purified water.

Regenerationrestoration of working properties of the filtering material, is carried out in the automatic mode without use of any reagents - the return current of simple water. When passing water through a layer of the filtering material organic impurity are late in a time of particles of material, and free chlorine communicates a surface of grains of coal

Frequency of regeneration is defined by the filter run (set by the period of time or volume of the purified water) which pays off the program of the controller proceeding from chemical and physical indicators of water at adjustment of system.

As the filtering loading the filtering material Filtrasorb 300 of production of the Chemviron Carbon company (USA) — the granulated bituminous absorbent carbon is used. In process of accumulation in a layer of loading of iron and manganese regeneration (washing) of loading is carried out. Regeneration of loading of Filtrasorb 300 is carried out by the return current of simple water without use of any reagents.

Service of system consists in check and correction of installations of the current time at long interruptions of power supply.

Technical characteristics of the filter softener of Atlas CWFTC water:

Overall dimensions, V x Sh x, cm 85,7 X 25,7 x 34,1
Productivity is working, m3/hour to 1,0
The volume of the filtering material, l 10
Regeneration frequency
1 - 2 times a week
Water consumption on regeneration (volume of drains), m3 0,075 *
Duration of regeneration, min. 10 - 20 *
The term of work of the filtering material, year 1 - 1,5 *
Pressure difference in an operating mode, bar 0,2 - 0,3
The working pressure (recommended) atm 2,0-6,0 (3,0 - 4,0)
Temperature of initial water, 0C 4 - 49
The required level of cleaning of mechanical impurity, micron min. 100
Power consumption 220 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption, W 30
Diameter of connection of pipelines, inch 1"
Diameter of connection of the sewerage, inch 3/4"
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Coal Atlas CWFST filter Article: CWFST
Coal Atlas CWFST filter Article: CWFST
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