Buy Clips Versatile person spring aluminum 30
Clips Versatile person spring aluminum 30

Clips Versatile person spring aluminum 30

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandДоброТА
  • ManufacturerДоброТА
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • WeightУточняйте g
  • MaterialAluminum
  • SizeУточняйте cm
Clips Versatile person spring aluminum 30

The application basic a clip "Station wagon" - fastening of a film, without its damage, to a greenhouse framework. The film can fasten on direct or curved sites of a framework of the greenhouse. Also clips spring "Station wagon" allows to carry out fastening of other materials for a covering - tarpaulin, an awning, etc. Clips "Station wagon" spring is constructed by the principle traditional a clip of Zig-Zag and the clip and a spring galvanized wire with a plastic covering consists from aluminum.

We deliver clips from "the first hands". We offer cooperation

To wholesale clients: let's put any necessary volume of fastenings for a film
To agents: offer qualitative goods and earn together with us!
To owners of greenhouses: clips always available in a warehouse. The best choice for repair of the greenhouse.

For today, fastening of a film on the greenhouse with use spring a clip became the standard. Clips provides: fast installation and dismantle of a film, its reliable fastening in windy weather, is reusable. The element which bears the greatest loading - a spring with a plastic covering is cheap and is easily replaced with new.

Installation and dismantle of a film with use a clip "Station wagon" with a spring

The film keeps within on aluminum clips, then the smooth movement in it puts a spring with a plastic covering. After that it is necessary to weaken a tension of a film and to pay attention to that the spring completely was located in a profile. Any fragment of a spring should not support limits a clip. When cutting a film (after its installation), it is necessary to leave 5-10 cm of a stock beyond limits a clip.


By means of nippers or the screw-driver it is necessary to release one of the ends of a spring and the accurate movement to extend it from a profile. Operation takes several seconds.


Producer Own production
Country of origin Ukraine
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Clips Versatile person spring aluminum 30
Clips Versatile person spring aluminum 30
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