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Climatic ZENET LFS-703C complex

Climatic ZENET LFS-703C complex

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The climatic ZENET LFS-703C complex is, one may say, the floor mobile conditioner. The device has functions of cooling, heating, ionization, moistening, ventilation and purification of air that allows to use it all the year round. Besides, Zenet LFS-703C qualitatively purifies air of dirt, dust, allergens, flower pollen, bacteria, harmful gases, hair of animals. And effectively deletes any unpleasant smells, a stagnant dead air, a tobacco smoke. There is also an antibacterial purification of air.
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Cooling arises by means of usual ice and water! Special cold accumulators which should be frozen periodically are for this purpose used. As a result the pleasant climate is created. The climatic complex effectively clears and moistens air.
Advantages Climatic ZENET LFS-703C complex:
1) year-round use
2) does not need installation and openings in windows and walls
3) it is convenient and just in service
4) purifies air and maintains necessary humidity
5) energy saving
6) saves the family budget

Advantages Climatic ZENET LFS-703C complex:
- low power consumption
- disposal of unpleasant smells
- the blown air passes several extents of cleaning
- prevention of "symptoms of the conditioned air"
- impact of anions on dust and sterilization of the room
- mobility - can be moved to any place freely
- it is possible to use on the street
- does not demand installation
- there are no replaceable filters

The climatic ZENET LFS-703C complex remarkably is suitable for people with diseases of respiratory bodies, or an allergy. The device favourably differs from wall conditioners in mobility - ZENET LFS-703C can be moved on rooms or to transport it in other housing.

There are three modes of ventilation.

In a usage time of "the Cooling Module" ZENET LFS-703C gives the air cooled by 5-7 degrees depending on influence of the sun, a provetrivayemost, humidity. It is important that the climatic complex does not give effect of the conditioner. The complex is effective in the cooling mode when it is directed to the person. Are used when cooling special "cold accumulators" which need periodically to be frozen (there lasts operation of one accumulator for 5-6 hours).

Enrichment of rooms negative easy aero ions deletes from it allergens and the weighed particles, contributes to normalization of a metabolism, facilitates breath and improves a blood pressure, reduces fatigue, increases the general resilience of an organism to different infections.

The complex makes humidifiers indoors in the "traditional" (cold) way.

Purification of air
Filters of a complex allow to purify air of large particles. Change of filters is not required.

Work on the timer
Range of adjustment of the timer - from 0,5 to 7,5 hours with an interval at 0,5 o'clock.

Modes of distribution of an air stream
In the device there are 3 ways of distribution of an air stream: "normal", "natural" and "dream".

Normal way of air supply
The complex works constantly at the chosen power level

Natural way of air supply
The Fuzzy Logic technology by continuous change of provision of blinds and power level, imitates a light sea breeze. Promotes uniform distribution of the cooled air indoors, providing an equal temperature background.

Way of distribution of an air stream "dream"
Automatic control in the mode of a dream provides to the user good night rest artificially modeling temperature fluctuations with a frequency of a surf of a sea wave. During a dream in a human body the metabolism is slowed down. Therefore at night comfortable temperature differs from day at night.

Work in the Swing mode
It is possible to include separately the Swing mode which will provide continuous change of the direction of air in the horizontal direction

The area of the served room (sq.m)
to 80
Tank volume for water (l)
Power (W)
220V/50 Hz
Panel distantsionngo managements

Climatic ZENET LFS-703C complex

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Climatic ZENET LFS-703C complex
Climatic ZENET LFS-703C complex
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