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Means is made in two forms: tablets weighing 2, 7 g (1, 5 g of active chlorine - AH) of the small granules containing 52 - 57% AH. Tablets and granules well rastvorima in water. Water solutions transparent, colourless. Consistence, properties: contains in quality of active ingredient sodium salt of dikhlorizotsianurovy acid (Na - DHTsK salt). Appointment: for disinfecting poverkhnost to it in rooms, rigid furniture, sanitarno - the technical equipment, external surfaces of devices and devices, IMN from korrozionno - resistant metals, rubbers, plastic, glass, linen, ware, including laboratory (including single use), p redmet for washing of ware, objects of care of patients, harvest stock, medical waste (wadded tampons, dressing, products of medical purpose of single application, etc. ) toys, footwear from rubbers, plastic and other polymeric materials, rubber rugs at infections bacterial (including tuberculosis), virus and fungal (candidiases, dermatofitiya) etiologies when carrying out profilaktichesko y, the current and final disinfection in lechebno - preventive establishments (MPI), in klyuchy obstetric hospitals (except offices of not ontology), clinical, microbiological, etc. laboratories, in the infectious centers, on sanitary transport; for final disinfection in child care facilities; for carrying out preventive dezinfekts AI on motor transport for transportation of foodstuff, at the enterprises kommunalno - consumer services (hotel, the hostel, hairdresser's, massage and beauty shops, saunas, beauty shops, baths, laundries, catering establishments, a pry yshlenny the markets, public toilets), establishments of education, culture, rest, sport (pools, sanitary inspection rooms, culturally - improving complexes, offices, sport centers, movie theaters, etc. objects in services industry of the population), establishments penitentsiar ny and social security; for disinfection of surfaces in rooms, external surfaces of devices, devices, sanitarno - the technical equipment, tableware, linen, products of medical appointment from korrozionno - resistant metals, rubbers, layer of masses, glasses, objects of care of patients, medical waste, ware from - under allocations, harvest stock at especially dangerous infections (plague, cholera, a tulyaremiya, anthrax); for carrying out general cleaning; in the form of granules - for disinfection an apportionment of niya (urine, excrements), the remains of food, emetic masses; - in the form of tablets - the population in life for disinfecting of surfaces in rooms, rigid furniture, sanitarno - the technical equipment at infections bacterial (except tuberculosis) and a virus etiology.

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Chlorfir-tree extra
Chlorfir-tree extra
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