Buy Check point of the crane ks3575a
Check point of the crane ks3575a

Check point of the crane ks3575a

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I will sell chassis spare parts ZIL - 133GYa of the truck crane ks3575a without crane installation.

I will sell spare parts ZIL - 133GYa. - Check point, cabin, back bridge , etc.

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The ZIL - 133GYa car is equipped with the 210 hp engine. KamAZ - 740 in the special complete set intended only for these cars. The power unit consists of the four - cycle V - shaped eight - cylinder diesel of liquid cooling, two - disk coupling and the ten - step transmission. On each cylinder the separate head from aluminum alloy is established. Electrotorch and prestarting heaters are applied to simplification of launch of the engine at low temperatures on cars ZIL - 133GYa. The oil heater of tubular and lamellar type, two - row is installed before an engine cooling system radiator. Dry two - disk coupling with the hydraulic drive and pneumatic amplifier. The ten - step transmission consists of the main five - speed transmission and a forward added divider of transfers. Control of the mechanism of gear shifting of a divider is exercised of pneumomechanical system with the preliminary (preselektorny) choice of transfer. On the car cardan transfer through passage is applied. The reducer of the intermediate bridge differs in the fact that in it are established interaxal differential with the blocking mechanism. Main transfers of the leading bridges unary gipoidny. Control of the mechanism of blocking is exercised of the pneumatic crane, established in the driver's cabin. The forward suspension bracket on two longitudinal semielliptical springs is supplied with two shock - absorbers of telescopic type of bilateral action. The back suspension bracket is executed on two longitudinal semielliptical balanced springs with jet bars.

Steering with the hydraulic booster united in one unit with the steering mechanism. The steering mechanism has the screw with a nut on the circulating balls and a lath piston with the gear sector. The screw of the steering mechanism is connected to a steering column the driveshaft. The radiator of cooling of oil of the power steering is established before a radiator of cooling of the engine and represents an U - shaped orebryonny aluminum pipe. Brakes turn on four main brake systems: working brake system, spare brake system, parking brake system, auxiliary brake system. The mechanism of the auxiliary brake system represents the gate of a motor brake installed in the special case which branch pipes of reception pipes of the muffler approach. The gate is connected to the pneumatic cylinder of the drive. Electric equipment of a direct current with two rated voltage: 24 V - in the mode of start - up and 12 V - in other modes. On the car two rechargeable batteries 6CT - 190TP are installed. G287V generator. The rated current developed generatorm 85 A. Starter of ST142B with a power of 10,5 h. p. The car cabin ZIL - 133VYa is similar to a truck cabin ZIL - 130. The only evident difference the radiator lattice - changed, far given forward. Ventilation of a cabin is carried out via the ventilating hatch in a cabin roof, the lowered glasses and rotary window leaves of doors of a cabin. Besides, fresh air can come to a cabin via the ventilating channel in the right mudguard of a wing. The cabin is triple: separate seat of the driver and double passenger seat. Under a passenger seat the place for storage of the tool is provided. The mechanism of a screen wiper is equipped pneumatic with the drive with stepless adjustment of speed of the movement of two brushes. The washer of a windshield is put in action by the vacuum pump with the foot drive located under the left leg of the driver on an inclined leaf of a cab floor. Doors of a cabin open a nazhaniye on the button in door handles.

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Check point of the crane ks3575a
Check point of the crane ks3575a
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