Buy Ceremonial tambourine.
Ceremonial tambourine.

Ceremonial tambourine.

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  • BrandМастер "Ворчун Кудесник"
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

The description I Will make any from 30 to 70 cm, short-haired or naked, with drawing or without, a beater in a set. The prices are specified for an example. The reasonable and reasoned bargaining is welcomed. Materials a goat skin, a rim - a tree (ash-tree) the Sizes of 67 cm of the Recommendation about leaving the Tambourine naturally reacts to humidity of environment. If the sound of a tambourine changed, became higher or lower, i.e. skin is drawn or drooped, you can moisten or dry it respectively. For moistening it is the best of all to bring in the room with high humidity or it is good to wipe with a damp rag. After a while the tambourine will absorb moisture and will begin to sound below. For drying it is necessary to warm up carefully a tambourine on all surface, for example, having taken over with a heater or candles, or even an electric bulb, a fire. But natural drying is the best of all. In the course of control it is necessary to stroke skin and to check sounding height, trying to obtain the necessary tone. Skin does not demand especially leaving, but for bigger elasticity it is possible to oil it on both sides burdock (is on sale in drugstores). The same is for tambourines with fur, but only from within. I advise them also to process any means from a moth, especially if the tambourine long is not used and not aired. A date of performance of 10 - 14 days, depending on complexity

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Ceremonial tambourine.
Ceremonial tambourine.
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