Buy Centrifugal dutyevy VDN-11,2 fan
Centrifugal dutyevy VDN-11,2 fan

Centrifugal dutyevy VDN-11,2 fan

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Centrifugal dutyevy fan
Purpose of dutyevy VDN-11,2 fans

Centrifugal dutyevy fans of unilateral absorption VDN-11,2 are intended for air supply in furnace cameras of package boilers of big power of boiler shops of thermal power plants or large industrial boiler installations. Such fans complete coppers with balanced draft with a steam generating capacity of 35 to 960 t/h. Use of fans in technological installations of various branches of a national economy for movement of clean air, and also as smoke exhausters on oil-gas coppers with balanced draft is allowed.
General information about dutyevy VDN-11,2 fans
Average and high pressure
Unilateral absorption
The direction of rotation - right and left
There are bent shovels back
The number of shovels - 16

Service conditions of dutyevy VDN-11,2 fans

The VDN centrifugal dutyevy fans are intended for movement at air and inexplosive nonaggressive air-gas mixes with temperature from -30 °C to +200 °C, dust content to 0,1 g/m3 which are not containing sticky, fibrous and abrasive inclusions. Are calculated on a long operating mode indoors and in the open air (out of the room under a canopy) in the conditions of a temperate climate (a climatic modification At, category of placement of 1,2,3,4 GOST 15150-69).
Design of dutyevy VDN-11,2 fans

The main knots of VDN fans are: the driving wheel, the case, the collector directing the device, a running gear, the coupling and a frame. The welded case of the fan has the horizontal socket and the hatch. The case is strengthened by the stiffening ribs executed from channels.
Options of production of dutyevy VDN-11,2 fans

Tyagodutyevy VDN-11,2 cars are issued the right and left rotation. At the right rotation the driving wheel rotates clockwise if to take a detached view of a wheel of the electric motor, at the left rotation - counterclockwise. The snail of VDN-11,2 is made with a turn corner from 0 ° to 270 ° through everyone 15 °, at the same time the edges of a snail preventing installation are cut.
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Centrifugal dutyevy VDN-11,2 fan
Centrifugal dutyevy VDN-11,2 fan
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