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Cellulose heater of Ekova

Cellulose heater of Ekova

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

YuNIZOL ecocotton wool is a cellulose heater, is for the first time presented at the market of Ukraine since 2007. On structure the friable, very light heat-insulating material consisting:

  • for 81% from secondary cellulose
  • for 7% of anti-septic tanks (drill)
  • for 12% nonvolatile fire-retarding agent (boric acid).

Ecocotton wool is the natural mineral which is applied in the industry, agriculture, medicine as medicine in the form of 3-5% of solution to washing. The drill it is appointed even to children for internal application. (Big Soviet Encyclopedia of 1977)

Boric acid - meets in the nature in hot springs in the dissolved state and in couples, is applied generally in medicine along with Furacilin, peroxide of hydrogen and other antiseptics. Big Medical Encyclopedia of 1977)

Yunizol ecocotton wool - a cellulose heater which behaves as wood, i.e. it Works also in all directions: including levels humidity, creates very pleasant microclimate indoors. It is chemically passive environment and does not cause corrosion of the metals contacting to it, etc. materials. The Gigiyenichnost of this heater is confirmed with the corresponding conclusions, material does not cause an allergy, in it there are no toxins. It is possible to apply in all types of buildings.

Bioproofness of material provides effective protection against rotting, ability to stop already begun growth of fungi, prevents appearance of rodents and insects in the isolated designs.

Technological effectiveness - ease and high speed of performance of installation, 100% fillability of all seams, bosoms, pockets, seamless isolation (lack of "cold bridges")


  • the low density of a heater does not give the chance to organize "floating" floors
  • high-quality warming of difficult surfaces requires the special equipment
  • at a dry way of laying raises dust in the course of installation, at the same time dust contains boric acid and to the drill.
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Cellulose heater of Ekova
Cellulose heater of Ekova
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