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Cartridges aluminum 300х300

Cartridges aluminum 300х300

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Aluminum plates for a false ceiling, the size 300kh300mm., all plates have a decorative covering with drawing and without it. Plates from aluminum are used as filling for a false ceiling, and in this suspended system for a false ceiling the main �направляющий швеллер� 3 m long where plates are latched, thus the profile system is absolutely hidden. All plates are available. Advantage of this system before standard system like Армстронг� that the minimum distance from the existing ceiling to suspended - 1,5sm., the maximum is regulated to 1,5m.

Bafoni ceilings

Aluminum false ceilings which photos are collected on pages of the website are the easy aluminum designs playing if not a leading role, then one of the most significant, in an interior of rooms of various types and types.

The design of false ceilings like Bafoni consists of aluminum plates and the hidden profile subdesign. The hidden system of fastening allows us to see only beauty and appearance of plates which happen opaque and glossy, cartridges adjoin to each other in dense and do a surface of a ceiling equal, and without cracks, all models are among themselves combined that allows the customer to embody all the dreams.

Aluminum cassette ceilings perfectly for bathrooms and toilets because they are used in rooms with the increased humidity, are not the environment for emergence of a mold, do not collect on themselves dust, are not damaged in case of flooding from the top floors. Aluminum cassette panels can be picked up for color and the invoice under any ceramic tile and to achieve full harmony of a ceiling with the space surrounding it and also at installation the ceramic tile does not drelitsya. Ceilings from aluminum plates - a find for arrangement of kitchen: even over a plate there will be no perspirations, fat, dirt and if nevertheless somehow the surface is soiled, it will be very easy to be washed, besides they, do not exude a smell and do not absorb it.

Distinctive characteristics:

- Plates do not rust, are not jarred on, their color does not fade under the influence of sunshine. The term of use is more than 30 years.

- Plates are made for a false ceiling from environmentally friendly materials

- Ceilings quickly are established and understand. In need of any of elements of ceiling system it can be replaced without dismantle of all design.

- Installation of a false ceiling does not demand additional preparation of ceilings.

- Aluminum ceilings strengthen a sound - and room thermal insulation

- Bafoni ceilings allow to hide engineering communications of conducting

- Possibility of embedding of lamps and climatic systems. The design of these ceilings allows to develop, realize any system of lighting. For this purpose special raster or ordinary dot lamps can be used.

- Thanks to high fire resistance cassette ceilings are suitable for application in rooms with increased requirements to fire safety.

- An opportunity to combine plates for creation of the individual design decision

Richness of the choice, the most beautiful types, graceful ease and magnificent gloss - all this about false aluminum Bafoni ceilings.

Appointment and application of the Bafoni ceiling:

- state muddy, halls, corridors

- kitchen, bathroom, toilet

- filing of peaks and sves from outside buildings.

Plates are latched in profile system tightly therefore this type of ceilings without problems can be applied on street peaks.

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Cartridges aluminum 300х300
Cartridges aluminum 300х300
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