Buy Carbamide (urea) of brand B
Carbamide (urea) of brand B

Carbamide (urea) of brand B

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The carbamide (urea) is used in agriculture as fertilizer. In comparison with other nitrogen fertilizers the carbamide contains the greatest number of nitrogen (46,2%) that generally and defines economic feasibility of its use as fertilizer for many crops on any soils and also as an additive to sterns for ruminants.
From all nitrogen fertilizers the carbamide differs in the largest content of nitrogen – 46%. It we vodorastvorit, does not contain nitrates and it is almost neutral. When entering a carbamide into the soil, under the influence of soil urobakteriya the carbamide turns into carbonic ammonium. This process takes about three days. At contact with air carbonic ammonium breaks up and gaseous ammonia evaporates. The nitrogen which is contained in a carbamide is as a result lost. That not to allow it, introduction of a carbamide is allowed in the superficial way only on condition of its subsequent seal to the soil.

Like all nitrogen fertilizer the carbamide can be applied on any kinds of soils to food of plants and their top dressing. Advantage of a carbamide before ammonium nitrate is that the nitrogen which is contained in it is kept by the soil better and is not so easily washed away by ground water. Therefore on the soils subject to remoistening, its application is more preferable.

The amide form of nitrogen which is well acquired by leaves of plants is a part of a carbamide. Therefore fertilizer is especially effective for extra root top dressing of grain crops. Processing of plants solution of a carbamide does not threaten a plant with burns. At the same time as a result of spraying quality of consumption by a nitrogen plant increases, and content of protein in it increases by 1 - 3%.

For top dressing of summer grain crops the carbamide is brought in time of preseeding cultivation. Good results are achieved by use of a carbamide under potatoes, beet, corn and other cultures possessing the long vegetative period.

At hit of the carbamide to the soil an amide form which is contained in it nitrogen turns in ammoniac, and then into a nitrate form. There is it rather slowly therefore assimilation of nitrogen is carried out evenly.
The carbamide can be also applied in the industry to receiving melamine, tsianurovy acid, karbamido-formaldehyde pitches, medicines.

Mass fraction of nitrogen in terms of solid — not less than 46,2%
Friability — 100%.
Solubility - 100%

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Carbamide (urea) of brand B
Carbamide (urea) of brand B
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