Buy Carbamide of brand B (bag)
Carbamide of brand B (bag)

Carbamide of brand B (bag)

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Technical characteristics
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The carbamide (urea) is the concentrated nitrogen fertilizer which is easily dissolved in water and belonging to the category universal.

Main macrocell of a carbamide and other nitrogen fertilizers actually nitrogen, chemical element extremely important for normal full activity of a plant. In a carbamide in terms of solid is present at concentration of 46%. The element is directly connected with construction of biomolecules and is accepted in the major acids and proteins. Thus, nitrogen actively stimulates and promotes growth of plants and crops. After discovery of so useful feature of an element of its steel actively to use and introduce in agricultural production agronomists that gave the chance to receive incomparably big harvests of useful crops from the limited areas of the earth.

The carbamide (urea) can be added to any types of the soil. Nitrogen improves quality of fruit and berry plants and fruits. If it is not enough nitrogen in the soil, then branches of trees become thin and weak, branch less, and leaves get yellowish coloring as in the fall. And yellowing begins with the lower leaves as originally nitrogen arrives from internal reserves of a plant, and it moves in growth zone - to younger leaves and fruits. However and excess of nitrogen is harmful to plants as there is more rapid development of plants, both the trunk and branches grow to the detriment of ovaries of fruits. Therefore, nitrogen fertilizers, in particular, a carbamide, it is necessary to bring, observing the recommended doses, according to possible ways of bait: dissolved in water or in a scattering and then to carry out watering. Entering of urea into the soil is usually made in the spring.

Application of a carbamide (urea). To apply as the main fertilizer or in top dressing under all cultures and on various soils. When entering into the soil of urea it is necessary to close up in due time it as at superficial placement of fertilizer losses of nitrogen owing to volatilization of ammonia from the carbonic ammonium which is easily decaying on air are possible: (NH4)2 CO3 = NH4 HCO3 + NH3 especially on carbonate and alkaline soils. Considerable losses in the form of ammonia can happen when using urea in top dressing on meadows and pastures as the dernina possesses the high cut-down activity. Urea with success can be applied to not root top dressing of vegetable and fruit crops, and also late podkormok wheat for the purpose of increase of protein content in grain.

Now the share of consumption of a carbamide among all nitric group of fertilizers makes about 35%, production and sale of a carbamide steadily grows, and in months of precrops in the agrarian market it to become the true deficiency. The carbamide - old and highly effective fertilizer, interest in it from agricultural producers, despite progress in chemical industry only increases.

Name of indicators


1. Appearance

White or slabookrashenny


2. A mass fraction of nitrogen in terms of solid, %, not less


3. Mass fraction of a biuret, %, no more


4. Mass fraction of water, %, no more

drying method:

Fischer's method:



5. Particle size distribution:

mass fraction of granules from 1 to 4 mm in size, %, not less

mass fraction of granules from 2 to 3 mm in size, %, not less

mass fraction of granules not less than 1 mm, % no more

the rest on a sieve of 5 mm





6. Friability, %, not less


7. Static durability of granules,/granule, not less


8. Temperature, 0C, no more


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Carbamide of brand B (bag)
Carbamide of brand B (bag)
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