Buy Capsules pine Pollen - a source of youth and health the Century Eas
Capsules pine Pollen - a source of youth and health the Century Eas

Capsules pine Pollen - a source of youth and health the Century Eas

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 Pine pollen use history as medicine and food contains several millennia. It is mentioned in medical treatises of the replaced dynasties, since "the Pharmacopoeia Shen-nuna" which more 2400, and finishing with the modern "Chinese pharmacopeia". In the people pollen of a pine received the name of "a miracle elixir" for the surprising properties. Throughout a set of centuries ancient Chinese doctors professed in medical practice the theory of "Yin and yang" and "Five primary elements" for interpretation of physiological functions and pathological changes in a human body. That is the principles of treatment were based on surplus or a shortcoming Yin or Yang, and on this basis the corresponding medicine was chosen. Knowing it, people could eliminate an imbalance and cure an illness. Besides, the Chinese traditional medicine placed special emphasis on the principle of maintenance of health which was based that through appropriate food and drug intake people can support balance between Yin and yang, and, so live long and to stay in health.

Pine pollen, being man's sex cells and representing the essence of a pine, contains all nutrients for origin of new life. It represents substance with the balance, best in the world, between Yin and yang. It sweet and soft. It passes through a liver and revitalizes it. It strengthens a spleen, has advantage of heating of Qi of a spleen and forces it to work evenly. Due to food of a spleen and replenishment of Qi pollen of a pine is capable to care for balance of all aspects of an organism, and from here to treat an illness when the person is sick and to strengthen health in the absence of an illness

  Pollen is around the world recognized as a unique complex of good nutrition to which any foodstuff cannot compete. The English name of POLLEN pollen happens from Latin "powerful, full of vital force". Researches show that the content of different nutrients in pollen repeatedly exceeds their contents in roots, stalks and leaves. No vegetable food stuffs can be compared to pollen on nutritiousness, but also on balance and activity of the elements which are a part. Therefore pollen is called a product of good nutrition. Pollen not only represents a warehouse of genetic information, but also contains all nutrients necessary for origin of new life, for example, of a squirrel, lipoida, amino acids, carbohydrates, sincaline, nucleic acids, microelements and vitamins. Besides, it is rich with biologically active agents, such as flavonoids, different enzymes, pigments and antibiotics. On the structure no vegetable food stuffs can be compared to pollen. 

 In Ancient Greece on a legend of the goddess rubbed pollen in skin and used honey with pollen for maintenance of fine appearance. Therefore Greeks considered honey with pollen food of the gods and called pollen a source of youth and health. 

  Structure: pollen of a pine of Masson and a pine Chinese, two unique species of the trees growing in China.

  Drug from pine pollen contains all nutrients necessary for long life, such as proteins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, coenzymes, nucleic acids, monosaccharides, polysaccharides, etc., to only 200 types of nutrients.

Table 1 Content of Amino Acids in Pine Pollen 

Name of amino acid

Contents (mg / 100)

Name of amino acid

Contents (mg / 100)

Aspartic acid












Glutaminic acid


Phenyl alanine


The aminoacetic acid




















Table 2 Content of the Main Vitamins B composition of pollen of a pine

Name of vitamin

Contents (mkg / 100)

Name of vitamin

Contents (mkg / 100)

















Folic acid


Beta carotene


Table 3 Maintenance of the Main Macrocells and Microelements 

Name of an element

Contents (mg / 100)

Name of an element

Contents (mg / 100)





















   Pollen of a pine contains the balanced set of nutrients necessary for fast and reliable removal of fatigue. It is useful to easily getting tired elderly people and people of middle age, and also to the people performing a hard physical activity. An ideal stimulator for athletes.

  Pollen of a pine contains a large amount of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, carotene, microelements, such as selenium , etc., each of which can limit excess oxidation of lipids and proteins and, to respectively slow down aging processes. At long reception of pine pollen it is possible to eliminate senile plaques, to recover youthful vital forces, to postpone aging and to prolong life.

  Pollen of a pine not only is capable to regulate psychological function, but also to improve a metabolism of cells of skin, to prevent aging of skin and to increase its elasticity, to revitalize and moisten skin. Therefore pollen of a pine received the name of "edible cosmetics".

  Pollen of a pine is rich with amino acids which can be absorbed by skin cells, contains natural vitamins and many types of the enzymes necessary for skin cells therefore it also possesses cosmetology function. In particular, the combination of vitamins C, E, B which are contained in pine pollen is capable to activate cells and to support the high level of activity of dismutase of superoxide (SOD). Therefore it is capable to eliminate free radicals, to slow down formation of a hloazma and a nevus pigmentosus, to eliminate melanin in skin, to bleach skin and to give it a healthy look. Besides prolonged use of pine pollen gives ideal medical effect in elimination of a skin itch at elderly people. Pollen of a pine reduces and eliminates freckles, and, besides does hair brilliant and magnificent.

  Pollen of a pine makes the regulating impact on function of a gastrointestinal tract. Pollen of a pine contains about one hundred enzymes which are capable to stimulate the worm-shaped movement of guts, to improve appetite, to promote digestion process.

  Pollen of a pine is capable to treat locks thanks to rich nutritious properties. Reception of pollen of a pine can quickly eliminate the lock caused by a dyspepsia and an illness of an upper digestive tract as it eliminates disturbance of functions of a gastrointestinal tract. As magnesium and B6 vitamin as a part of pollen of a pine can remove muscular spasms, it can also treat locks because of nerves.

  Pollen of a pine ensures normal functioning of cells of a liver, normalizes biliation, helps a liver to cope with toxins. A set of experiments confirm that pollen of a pine is capable to protect liver cells. Besides, reception of a high dose of pollen of a pine before the use of alcoholic drinks can prevent injuries of a liver by alcohol, and pine pollen acceptance after the use of alcoholic drinks helps a liver to be recovered from damages.

  Pollen of a pine improves a metabolism, regulates endocrine system, improves function of heart and veins, supports their normal work. The magnesium which is contained in pollen of a pine not only activates fermental system, but also serves as the carrier for some nutritious elements. The flavonoids which are contained in pine pollen can reduce considerably the content in blood of lipids and cholesterol. Vitamins increase elasticity of walls of vessels and improve microcirculation in heart and a brain.

  Pollen of a pine has antineoplastic effect, suppresses tumors. Pollen of a pine does not do harm to normal cells, and the chemical drugs applied in clinical practice are not distinguished often personal and others' and during treatment often conducted to the general aggravation of symptoms. Therefore pollen of a pine can serve as a supportive application at radio - and chemotherapy, for as received the name of "the antineoplastic hospital attendant".

  Pollen of a pine contains substances with ample opportunities (proteins, vitamins, microelements, flavonoids, etc.). These substances in a complex influence an organism, regulating many functions of an organism, provide the balanced food of an organism, strengthen a metabolism, eliminate barriers in passability of capillaries. Pine pollen also stimulates development of bodies of incretion, raises and regulates secretory functions of endocrine system and therefore plays an important role in treatment of the diseases caused by disturbance of functions of endocrine system. The pines of substance which are contained in pollen are capable to improve a blood stream in prostate tissues, to reduce a tumor, to reduce the obstruction of an urethra caused by a prostate hyperplasia. The flavonoids which are contained in pine pollen possess strong antioxygenic ability that also promotes treatment of a hyperplasia of a prostate.

  Pollen of a pine not only very valuable food stuff, but also fine remedy at a diabetes mellitus. The vitamins which are contained in pollen, microelements and macrocells provide protection of cells of a pancreas, stimulate production of insulin, increase sugar endurance. According to data of the last researches reception of pine pollen is a safe and effective method of a dietotherapy for patients with a diabetes mellitus.

  Pollen of a pine makes fast medical impact at different diseases, such as cold, anemia, hypertensia, asthma, rhinitis, etc., thanks to the fact that it represents a natural warehouse of nutritious elements and is capable to increase immunity.

  At external use pollen of a pine can be used as the styptic and healing means for wounds and grazes, at treatment of eczema and "diaper" dermatitis at children.

  Indications to use:

- the cardiovascular diseases caused by the increased content of cholesterol in blood and decrease in elasticity of vessels

- gynecologic diseases, including pathological climax

- allergy / allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma /

- anemia

- disease of kidneys

- liver disease

- disease of a stomach and intestines / peptic ulcer of a stomach and intestines, gastritis, colitis, dysbacteriosis, etc.

- diabetes mellitus

- diseases skin/spots, eels, furuncles, an anthrax, dandruff, etc., a skin itch at elderly people

- diseases of immunity and oncology

- delay of processes of aging

- at different pathological symptoms and states

- for healthy development of children.

  Contraindications: individual not portability of components.

  Route of administration and dosage: po2 capsules 2 times a day for half an hour before poriyemy food. Duration of reception is 1 month.

  Period of storage: 24 months.

  Release form: 100 capsules on 0,5 g in packaging. One capsule contains 27% of pollen.

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Capsules pine Pollen - a source of youth and health the Century Eas
Capsules pine Pollen - a source of youth and health the Century Eas
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