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Calcic saltpeter of brand G (analog of Yara Mila Calcinit)
Calcic saltpeter (calcium nitrate) - the water-soluble fertilizer containing nitrogen in a nitrate form and calcium. Calcium gives durability to cellular walls of plants. At podkormka calcium - the containing fertilizers improves a trade dress of production, periods of storage last. Calcic saltpeter is also applied to prevention of topmost decay of tomatoes and pepper, a regional burn of salad, a core of decay of the apples and other diseases caused by deficiency of calcium.
Method of application: extra root top dressing and introduction by drop watering, overhead irrigation or through hoses.

At deficiency of calcium of a plant quickly are surprised pathogens. By means of nitrate of calcium it is possible to prevent serdtsevinny decay of apples, topmost decay of tomatoes and pepper, decay of a heart of beet and to avoid still many diseases caused by deficiency of calcium at plants.

Calcic saltpeter is issued in the form of granules.
Mixing of calcic saltpeter and fertilizers as a part of which there are phosphates and sulfates is strictly forbidden!!!!!

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Calcic saltpeter
Calcic saltpeter
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