Order Cabin shock-absorbers - Replacement of MAN
Cabin shock-absorbers - Replacement of MAN

Cabin shock-absorbers - Replacement of MAN

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The shock - absorber — the device for clearing of fluctuations and absorption of pushes and blows of mobile elements (a suspension bracket, wheels), and also cases of the vehicle, by means of transformation of mechanical energy of the movement (fluctuations) in thermal.

Shock - absorbers are used together with elastic elements springs or springs , torsions , pillows, etc. to clearing of free fluctuations of big masses and prevention of high relative speeds of the smaller masses connected by elastic elements.

It is not necessary to confuse externally similar hydraulic pipe shock - absorber and a gas spring . The last also often meet in automotive equipment and life, but have other appointment (namely — creation of the pushing effort on a rod). To be fair it should be noted that pure hydraulic shock - absorbers almost do not meet, they are always a little sprung by excessive pressure of gas in the booster. Pure gas springs (without the additional resistance to the movement), on the contrary, are encountered quite often.

Classification of shock - absorbers

  • by the principle of action — on frictional or mechanical (dry friction), hydraulic (viscous friction) and relaxation;
  • on nature of action of friction forces — on shock - absorbers of unilateral and bilateral action (with a resistance on the direct and return courses);
  • structurally hydraulic shock - absorbers share on lever and bladed, lever and piston and telescopic (two - and one - pipe) with a gas podpor or without it;
  • on nature of change of force of resistance, depending on movement of skating rinks, speed and acceleration of this movement shock - absorbers are subdivided on:
    • shock - absorbers with approximately constant friction force (for example, the simple mechanical shock - absorber of the Landsverk tank);
    • shock - absorbers with friction force depending on movement, at the same time friction force can be as it is proportional to movement, and to have nonlinear dependence;
    • shock - absorbers with friction force of proportional speed of movement of a skating rink (the vast majority of modern hydraulic shock - absorbers);
    • the shock - absorber which resistance changes in proportion to acceleration.
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Cabin shock-absorbers - Replacement of MAN
Cabin shock-absorbers - Replacement of MAN
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