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Ukraine, Zaporozhe
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Possesses dense thin pile. Detains even the smallest particles. It is intended for a wide range of economic works. Well cleans upholstered furniture, clothes, footwear.
Sleek - haired pets with pleasure allow to brush themselves with such brush. It qualitatively combs out their underfur, without hurting them at the same time. To comb out animals or to collect down and wool better by slightly damp brush.
Using any detergents, it can easily wash a bathtub, a sink, a tile, etc.
Product sizes:
Platform: length - 12 cm, width - 7 cm.
Pile rubber: height - 2 cm.
Colors: white, blue, green, red, black.
Producer: SWEEPA, Germany.

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Brush OVAL
Brush OVAL
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