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Brownie-3 moonshine still

Brownie-3 moonshine still

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandДомовенок
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Brownie-3 moonshine still

The home Brownie-3 moonshine still is the device used for preparation of the distilled water, aromatic extracts from nastoyechny herbs and other sgon.
This model of the moonshine still differs in high efficiency — 1,3 l/hour.

The Brownie-3 moonshine still is reliable and simple in work, it favourably distinguishes it from other moonshine stills of this ruler. At the correct and careful use, service life can make more than 50 years.

This model of the Brownie series is fixed on a cover of a sealed container, in in advance drilled opening (D21mm) with use of two nuts and washers.
It is recommended to get a pressure cooker with a flat cover that the device installed on it stood strictly vertically. Hoses for cooling with water and for a distillate exit are put on withdrawal of the device fixed on capacity.
The refrigerator of the moonshine still works as a condenser chamber therefore condensate is emitted warm (apprx. 50 °C).

"Brownie-3" differs in a compact design, high quality of assembly of material. It is the "simplest" moonshine still from the Brownie series, but It should be noted that it does not beg its potential. This model provides the decent speed of distillation and gives the chance to receive a qualitative self-made product.

This model of the device is made of food stainless steel, i.e. at production welded connection, but not the soldering is used. This decision allows to increase considerably durability of a design and term of operation of a product.

The device is installed directly on a distillation cube that excludes connection of additional modules, such as a dephlegmator, between a cube and the device.

Use requires availability of flowing water.

The small-sized model of the home Brownie-3 moonshine still is the compact moonshine still allowing to make a pure and qualitative product. This model perfectly is suitable for beginners moonshining business, besides it is compact, thanking what, there is an opportunity to use the device both in the apartment, and in a country house (with flowing water).

ATTENTION! Capacity (pressure cooker) and a thermometer are not included in the package of delivery of the moonshine still.

Country of production: Russia

Productivity: 1.3 l. / hour.

Material: food stainless steel

height over capacity: 15 cm.

Producer: LLC YuKOND

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Brownie-3 moonshine still
Brownie-3 moonshine still
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