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Brownie-1 moonshine still

Brownie-1 moonshine still

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandДомовенок
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Brownie-1 moonshine still

The home Brownie-1 moonshine still is suitable for receiving:

  • - the distilled water;
  • - alcohol-containing raw materials;
  • - moonshine of high cleaning;
  • - rectified alcohol;
  • - fruit liqueur.

At this moonshine still high efficiency. It is very convenient and universal due to the compactness and usability and connection.
For the device "Brownie-1" it is recommended to use the capacity of small and average volume.
"Brownie-1" differs in the original design executed at once from two columns.

The case of the device is manufactured of thick stainless steel, at the expense of it, it differs in high durability that considerably distinguishes devices of the Brownie series from the others. Thanks to very high durability all devices "Brownie" are steady against mechanical influences and have big service life.

On the case "lug" for installation of the thermometer which allows to control process of distillation of desired drink (suitable model - the thermometer bimetallic) is provided.

The pressure cooker on 10,5 liters is recommended capacity for distillation (capacity is got separately).

The design of the spirit device "Brownie-1" consists of the refrigerator which is carrying out a role of a distiller and 9 chamber condensation rectifying columns. During the work in the distillation mode, the set joins the hose crossing point excluding a dephlegmator from work. After receiving alcohol raw it is necessary to enter into work a rectifying column as the way, opening the atmospheric valve. All this is able to allow you to make high-quality rectified alcohol most effectively.

ATTENTION! Capacity (pressure cooker) and a thermometer are not included in the package of delivery.

trana of production: Russia

Productivity: 2 l. / hour

Material: Food stainless steel.

height over capacity: 27 cm

Producer: LLC YuKOND

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Brownie-1 moonshine still
Brownie-1 moonshine still
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