Buy Brake resistor of resistance, motor and network throttle
Brake resistor of resistance, motor and network throttle

Brake resistor of resistance, motor and network throttle

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We have competitive prices of accessories to frequency converters.

We offer production of Bosch Rexroth, but they are usually interchanged.

By your inquiry, we will help YOU to pick up a suitable analog of production of other producers.

Network throttles are established on an entrance of PCh and happen: single-phase three-phase are also applied for: increases in power factor, the consumed PCh from network 1x220/3x380B 50 of Hz, due to decrease in high-frequency harmonicas (with 2 to 5 and more) in the current consumed from network. protection of PCh (diodes and tiristor of the rectifier) and networks, from current throws at transition processes in a power line and loading of PCh, especially at sharp jump of mains voltage which happens, for example, at shutdown of powerful asynchronous engines.

Use of network throttles is especially recommended at food from network to which other nonlinear elements creating essential distortions are connected. Network throttles Network throttles Throttles allow: to protect PCh from emergency operation; to provide electromagnetic compatibility with other devices sensitive to electromagnetic hindrances;

Brake resistors – a necessary element at rheostatic braking. They disseminate heat which is marked out when transforming kinetic energy of a rotor to electric Motor (days off) throttles Motor throttles are established at the exit of PCh and provide: suppression of high-frequency harmonicas in engine current. Formation of sinusoidal current in windings of the engine is carried out by PCh by means of the pulse-width modulation (PWM) of tension under the sinusoidal law. With low frequencies of ShIM high-frequency pulsations of motor current can reach up to 5-10%. High-frequency harmonicas of current cause additional heating of the engine. restriction of amplitude of current of short circuit. At sudden short circuit at PCh exit current of short circuit increases not suddenly as in a contour of current of K.Z. is inductance (the L motor throttle + parasitic inductance of a motor cable). At achievement by K.Z. current of a threshold of operation of protection of PCh, the engine is cut off power. As the reaction time of protection is other than zero, the maximum value of current of K.Z. when using a motor throttle is real much less maximum value of current without throttle. Without motor throttle many PCh are not capable to protect PCh transistors from one or several sudden K.Z at PCh exit. reduce the speed of increase of emergency currents of short circuit and detain the moment of achievement of a maximum of current of short circuit, thereby provide necessary time for operation of chains of electronic protection of PCh; compensate capacitor currents of long motor cables, that is do not allow to develop to big capacitor currents and respectively interfere with false operations of protection of PCh against overcurrents; reduce emissions of tension on engine windings. At power supply of the asynchronous engine from the frequency converter pulse tension with considerable peaks of retension which total size, exceeds amplitude of rated voltage of power supply of the asynchronous engine is put to windings of the engine. It can cause breakdown of isolation of windings of the engine, especially at its long operation when isolation of obmotochny wires and windings loses the initial insulating properties. 

Motor throttles

Motor throttles Throttles allow: to protect PCh from emergency operation; to provide electromagnetic compatibility with other devices sensitive to electromagnetic hindrances; Network (entrance) throttles Brake units Brake modules and brake resistors When braking the asynchronous engine returns energy in the frequency converter (works in the generating mode) owing to what tension in a link of a direct current increases. The converter tries to reduce tension, increasing output frequency, thereby, reducing sliding of the engine. Intensity of delay (braking) in this case depends on losses of power in the converter and the engine. PCh can be braked with a power about 20% from nominal due to own losses of the engine and converter. It is usually enough for small not inertial loadings i.e. where kinetic energy is small or time of braking is not critical. If it is required to make bystry braking, it is necessary to use the brake breaker and the resistor.

We project and make cases of management with the equipment of protection and switching according to the specification of the customer: cases the electroassembly PCh (cooling less) IP54 thermostabilized for installation cases of management execution of IP54 with the filter and the fan, without throttles cases of control of pumps cases of management of ventilation production of cases of management cases of control of electric drives electronic cases for process control systems electrotechnical cases of management electric air and pneumatic cases for control systems of the equipment control panels with the built-in electronic equipment Cases the electroassembly thermostabilized Cases the electroassembly thermostabilized Cases the electroassembly PCh (cooling less) IP54 thermostabilized for installation execution of IP54 with the filter and the fan, (without throttles) in case of difficulty or need of consultation we will be glad to communicate.

Order code Adapters of interfaces Description  
R912002623 FVAA01.1-P-NNNN-01V01 Fv PROFIBUS adapter  
R912001656 FEAA01.1-RS485-RS232-NNNN-NN   RS232/485 adapter    
Order code Control panels Description  
R912003785 FVCC01.1A-LP-PACK-01V01 Additional operating panel with potentiometer
R912002621 FVAM01.1-A-MOUNTING-PLATE Control panel cabinet mounting plate  
Order code EMS filters (EN 61800-3 C3) Description  
R912003315 FENF01.1A-A075-E0008-A-480-NNNN FVCA01.1-0K40-3P4-MNA-LP-NNNN-01V01
R912003316 FENF01.1A-A075-E0022-A-480-NNNN FVCA01.1-4K00-3P4-MNA-LP-NNNN-01V01
R912003317 FENF01.1A-A075-E0030-A-480-NNNN FVCA01.1-11K0-3P4-MNA-LP-NNNN-01V01
R912003318 FENF01.1A-A075-E0051-A-480-NNNN FVCA01.1-15K0-3P4-MNA-LP-NNNN-01V01
R912003319 FENF01.1A-A075-E0090-A-480-NNNN FVCA01.1-30K0-3P4-MNA-LP-NNNN-01V01
R912003320 FENF01.1A-A075-E0120-A-480-NNNN FVCA01.1-45K0-3P4-MNA-LP-NNNN-01V01
R912003329 FENF01.1A-A075-E0250-A-480-NNNN FVCA01.1-75K0-3P4-MNA-LP-NNNN-01V01
Order code Cables for connection
adapters of interfaces
R912001756 FRKB0001/001,0   Cable for connection of PROFIBUS-adapterar, 1 m. 
R912001757 FRKB0002/005,0   Cable for connection of RS232/485 ― the adapter, 5 m.  
Order code Cable for connection of portable
 control panels
R912001754 FRKS0001/001,0   Cable of connection portable
 control panel, 1 m  
R912001755 FRKS0002/003,0   Cable of connection portable
 control panel, 3 m
Order code Brake resistance
 (Aluminium housing)
R912001618 FELR01.1N-0080-N750R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.08 kW, 750 Ω  
R912001619 FELR01.1N-0150-N700R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.15 kW, 700 Ω  
R912001623 FELR01.1N-0260-N250R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.26 kW, 250 Ω  
R912001624 FELR01.1N-0260-N400R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.26 kW, 400 Ω  
R912003281 FELR01.1N-0150-N750R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.15 kW, 750 Ω (only Fv) 
R912003282 FELR01.1N-0240-N750R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.24 kW, 750 Ω (only Fv) 
R912001627 FELR01.1N-0390-N150R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.39 kW, 150 Ω  
R912001631 FELR01.1N-0500-N550R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.5 kW, 550 Ω  
R912001632 FELR01.1N-0520-N100R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.52 kW, 100 Ω  
R912001633 FELR01.1N-0520-N230R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.52 kW, 230 Ω  
R912001634 FELR01.1N-0520-N350R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.52 kW, 350 Ω  
R912001637 FELR01.1N-0780-N075R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.78 kW, 75 Ω  
R912001638 FELR01.1N-0780-N140R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.78 kW, 140 Ω  
R912001639 FELR01.1N-0800-N275R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 0.8 kW, 275 Ω  
R912001652 FELR01.1N-1K04-N050R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 1.04 kW, 50 Ω  
R912001653 FELR01.1N-1K04-N090R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 1.04 kW, 90 Ω  
R912001620 FELR01.1N-01K2-N180R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 1.2 kW, 180 Ω  
R912001621 FELR01.1N-01K5-N068R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 1.5 kW, 68 Ω  
R912001622 FELR01.1N-01K5-N150R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 1.5 kW, 150 Ω  
R912001654 FELR01.1N-1K56-N040R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 1.56 kW, 40 Ω  
R912001655 FELR01.1N-1K56-N070R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 1.56 kW, 70 Ω  
R912001625 FELR01.1N-02K0-N047R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 2 kW, 47 Ω  
R912001626 FELR01.1N-02K0-N110R-D-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 2 kW, 110 Ω  
Order code Brake resistance
(Resistor box)
R912001628 FELR01.1N-04K5-N055R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 4.5 kW, 55 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001630 FELR01.1N-04K8-N27R2-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 4.8 kW, 27,2 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001629 FELR01.1N-04K8-N032R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 4.8 kW, 32 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001635 FELR01.1N-06K0-N020R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 6 kW, 20 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001636 FELR01.1N-06K0-N040R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 6 kW, 40 Ω  
R912001640 FELR01.1N-08K0-N027R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 8 kW, 27 Ω  
R912001642 FELR01.1N-09K6-N13R6-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 9.6 kW, 13,6 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001641 FELR01.1N-09K6-N016R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 9.6 kW, 16 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001643 FELR01.1N-10K0-N022R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 10 kW, 22 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001644 FELR01.1N-10K0-N024R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 10 kW, 24 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001647 FELR01.1N-10K0-N27R2-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 10 kW, 27,2 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001645 FELR01.1N-10K0-N028R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 10 kW, 28 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001646 FELR01.1N-10K0-N032R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 10 kW, 32 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001648 FELR01.1N-12K5-N017R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 12.5 kW, 17 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001649 FELR01.1N-12K5-N018R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 12.5 kW, 18 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001650 FELR01.1N-12K5-N020R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 12.5 kW, 20 Ω (only Fe) 
R912001651 FELR01.1N-12K5-N022R-A-560-NNNN   Brake resistance, 12.5 kW, 22 Ω (only Fe) 
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Brake resistor of resistance, motor and network throttle
Brake resistor of resistance, motor and network throttle
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