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Technical characteristics
  • BrandBotulax
  • Country of manufactureKorea

The lyophilized powder of white color
Active agent:
complex of botulinicheskiya
toxin of type A - gemagglyutinin
100 units *
serumal albumine of 0,5 mg
sodium chloride of 0,9 mg
Activity of KFDA/sobstvennaya/45-55
Protein (ng / bottle) Less than 5
Endotoxin level
KFDA/own less
1,0/less 0,175
rn 6,5±0,5
Humidity Less than 3%
Storage conditions of 2-8 °C
Expiration date of the 36th month after date of production

The preparation known to you BOTOX Botox possesses the same characteristics, except for "sodium chloride of 0,5 mg".

Pharmacological action of BOTULAX® — peripheral
miorelaksant for intramuscular and hypodermic maintaining.
The preparation acts on the level of neuromuscular connection, blocking allocation of a neuromediator of acetylcholine,
what leads to removal of a muscular spasm in the field of an injection. Action of a preparation is reversibly and gradually weakened
in process of formation of the new nervous terminations and their connections with a muscle. Duration of effect is individual and on average remains from 3 to 6 months and more.

BOTULAX® — botulinum toxin of type A — gemagglyutinin a complex represents neurotoxic protein of high
extents of cleaning, Clostridium produced by an anaerobic bacterium
botulinum made by means of high technologies with observance of the international GMP standards, technical regulations and conditions of production of biological substances
accepted around the world.

Results of clinical trials

Research: Blind, comparative, randomized clinical trial of efficiency and safety of the preparation BOTULAX® vs BOTOX®.

"During research clinical efficiency of the preparation BOTULAX®, production Hugel Inc was proved., South Korea, lyophilisate for preparation of solution for intramuscular introduction. Results of supervision demonstrated smoothing of hyper mimic wrinkles, a relaxation of facial, mimic muscles and achievement of lasting esthetic effect; at the same time shipping of a preparation was satisfactory. Thus, the preparation BOTULAX® is safe, and by efficiency does not concede
to the preparation BOTOX®"

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Botulax 100U
Botulax 100U
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