Buy Board intaking of DPK Poly-deck
Board intaking of DPK Poly-deck

Board intaking of DPK Poly-deck

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The fence executed from this board perfectly will fit into a surrounding landscape. The relief stamping gives to a continuous board from DPK a type of natural wood with its unique structure.

But at the same time the shortcomings which are available for a natural tree – knots and splinters, defeat by a fungus and a mold, need for frequent painting and others are not inherent in an intaking board. On the contrary, it possesses resistance to weather conditions, easily maintaining considerable differences of temperatures and not changing at the same time in sizes as does not absorb moisture.

The intaking board from DPK does not demand regular painting, is very simple in leaving, under the influence of a bright sun does not emit substances, harmful to the person. The fence executed from a continuous board will look equally beautifully both from the street, and from the inside of a site. Besides, such fence has sufficient durability.

It will be fine to look a continuous board as finishing of a terrace flooring or substeps. It is always possible to pick up the most suitable color scheme from in what it is made: gray, yellow, brown, red-brown or chocolate.

Installation of an intaking board from DPK is carried out much more simply and quicker, than construction from a natural tree, and it one of its advantages too.

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Board intaking of DPK Poly-deck
Board intaking of DPK Poly-deck
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